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Fortnite Esports was recently announced by Epic Games. Fortnite has since its release on the 25th of July in 2017 shocked fans and haters. The game is such a success that Fortnite released some awesome news last week. They are planning to offer up to a 100 million dollars this year in several prize pools for the pro players to win! To put that in to perception, Valve’s Dota 2 handed out the most money last year, which was 38 million in over 150 different tournaments.

Epic games haven’t come out telling us how they are going to host this, what the exact prizes and tournaments will look like or if we noobs can compete as well is still unknown. However we think they will soon. The first Fortnite Esports tournament this E3 has been announced by Epic games. This duo-team tournament will be played by 50 celebrities and 50 Fortnite pro’s. Some popular names are Fortnite players: Ninja, Myth, Markiplier and Nadeshot. Some of the celebrities that are ready to team up are Marshmello, Paul George, Desiigner and Joel Mchale.


What is E-Sports?

Fortnite Esports

E-Sports are a form of competitive sports in the form of Video Games. Many players are playing each other in these huge tournaments for nice sums of money. The first public Gaming tournament was in 1972, where 5 Stanford students competed for a year subscription of the rolling stones magazine,  in the game Spacewar. A Space Invaders championship held by Atari in 1980 was the biggest competition yet, with over ten thousand players. After the internet became betters in the 90’s online gaming become more popular with a bigger audience. Nintendo hold world championships during the 90’s. Blockbuster did this too. In the late 1990’s Online Shooters became very popular with the founding of the Quake and Counter-Strike series. After the year 2000 E-Sports became more and more popular and televised. Games as StarCraft and Warcraft 3 were televised 24 hours per day in South-Korea.

Since Twitch and other Streaming Platforms launched E-Sports became even more popular. They  Stream huge competitions and Tournaments on the Platform and generate Billions of views a year. Also physical viewership increased so much by E-Sports getting more and more mainstream. Now a days a E-Sports Tournament can sell out a 40.000 seats Staples Center. The legendary-good players on certain games are heroes right now, for example look at Ninja, a Twitch streamer who does huge numbers on his Fortnite Esports Streams,  admitted he earned over 500.000 Dollar a Month!


What will a Fortnite Tournament look like?

Fortnite Tournament Team Selection

As I said before there isn’t a lot of information available over how Epic Games will host their official Fortnite tournaments. What we can say is that popular streamer Ninja already hosted a 17.500,- dollar in Las Vegas. The entry fee was 75 dollars, 9 games were played. The winner of a game will win 2500 dollars. By hosting this tournament they proved that it’s not only a good investment business wise, but also is watchable and fun for the audience at home which is really important for those streaming numbers.

At the time there is no competitive mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. However, we think that the chance is quite big that this mode will come to the game. Competitive game-modes go together with Fortnite E-Sports Tournaments really well. This is because they can now see and rank certain players that might be interesting for competing in Fortnite E-Sports. This competitive rank will probably be measured by tracking the kills and wins of players. They might also look at the survival length.

Because there is no prime example of a huge Fortnite tournament like Epic Games is planning to host this year it is hard to say how it will play out. We speculate that there will be multiple solo, duo and squad game, with every team getting a certain amount of points for the place they ended in the match. They should count these points up after a couple of games and then make a top 100. This will be your finale.


Does Fortnite has the potential?

Fortnite Battle Royale

With Fortnite being the hottest game of the moment, hitting the biggest streaming numbers, and the most popular streamers playing the game a lot I see a huge potential for Fortnite E-Sports. The game and the developers proved they could live up to the hype and truly listen to their core fanbase. That’s why we assume and think that with the help of Epic Games and the popular Twitch streamers Fortnite will be the biggest E-Sports success of 2018.

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