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What are the releases to wait for in the second halve of 2018?

by | Jul 5, 2018 | PlayStation, Xbox | 1 comment

With so much cool games coming up you better go do some offers and stack these reward points! In this blog we will talk about 5 games that haven’t been released yet and we would recommend keeping your eye at them because they look to awesome to miss! Make sure to read our list below.red dead redemption 2 for Xbox and Playstation

Red dead Redemption 2:

Eight and a half year later after Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption they are finely launching Red Dead Redemption 2 on the 26th of October. The second game under this name is a prequel. The second game takes place 14 years before Red Dead Redemption. The game has gotten the famous ‘rockstar’ treatment, being delayed more than one time.

You play the game as Arthur Morgan. He is a gang member, running under Dutch van der Linde’s Gang. The character is completely new which is really awesome. Similar to its predecessor, the game has an honour system just like the first game in the series which means that npc’s will help you with a positive score and will not communicate or help you if your honour system has a negative score. We haven’t seen a lot of gameplay yet, which makes it hard to say how the game will run. We think it will be a lot like the last game in the series but bigger and better,. We did found out that the Red Dead redemption has huge map including the city blackwater from the first game. If it was up to me Red Dead Redemption would be out already because I can’t wait to horse around!Call of duty 4 for playstation and Xbox

Call of duty: Black ops 4:

Call of duty Black Ops 4 upped the bar with their Multiplayer-modus with tactical gameplay.  People can choose from multiple persona’s together with 3 zombie experiences at launch! How awesome is that! And it doesn’t stop there. Black ops 4 will come with a battle royale mode called Blackout. This mode will not only hold more people in a single game then Call of Duty ever did, but will also have playable characters from prior Black Ops games, fan-favourite locations, classic weapons and vehicles.

The game will be released on 12 october 2018. There was a lot of commotion around the game because there will not be a regular Singeplayer mode. This pissed of a lot of people saying that Call of Duty changed too much over the years. However I think we can all be happy that we can look out for a boots on the ground Call of Duty with an awesome new Battle-Royale mode!BattlefieldV for playstation and Xbox

Battlefield V:

The changes that Battlefield V will bring to the Battlefield are going to be a shock for all the veteran-players of the series. One of the best things in our opinions that EA is going to change is that you won’t need to spend 60 euros for a game and then another 60 for a premium pass. Maps will be released through free updates instead of people needing to pay for them. There will still be other ways to spend money on Battlefield V after release, like buying cosmetics for your character and vehicles.

Some other major changes in the gameplay aspect are that everybody will be able to build certain things. We don’t know yet how this will change the gameplay although we don’t think it will be anything like a game as Fortnite for instance. Things that can be built with this fortification tool are sand bags, barbed wire and shark teeth. Squad gameplay will be even more important in Battlefield V. Non-Medics can get their squad buddies up for instance, all though it takes a lot longer this way you can get a medic up in your squad who can help your other buddies.darksiders 3 for Xbox and Playstation

Darksiders 3:

Get in the shoes of Fury, the sister of war and also one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Your mission? Destroy the seven deadly sins. The game is going to be made by THQ Nordic who bought the rights to the series from THQ after they went bankrupt. After the first two games and having to play with war and death, this character is a little bit surprising. Fury isn’t only a mage, she also uses a whip to beat her enemies. Fury can changes forms as well. This makes you able to do levels different ways and use different weaponry. The deadly sins will come with their magical creatures and their monster friends so you better prepare!

tomb raider for playstation and Xbox

Shadow of the tomb raider:

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third game made in the new generation Tomb Raider games. (Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider where the first and second) There is nothing left from the  young scared girl you’ve seen the last couple of games. You’ll get a confident and strong woman to play with in this game. In this game you have to fight the evil Trinity organisation again, which is a group of antagonists from Rise of the Tomb Raider. In this game you’ll finally leave the dark island of Yamatai and change it in for colourful Mexico!

This game involves a couple of mysterious relics that Trinity really wants to get. And instead of you just spying a key figure of Trinity you find yourself going after them once again. Thankfully you’ll have a good amount of tools to use in your adventure. The pickaxe, bow & arrow and survival instinct made it back in to this game. Climbing rocks and walls has a big role in the gameplay as you might recognize from the last games and also doing puzzles will also be a big part of getting through the levels. 

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