Thanks to an impressive series of additions, Pokémon Go is finally the game that it should have always been. Combine that with the beautiful weather and you can not really ignore it: you should be playing Pokémon Go right now.

Pokémon Go was a phenomenon in 2016. The streets were full of young and old players who were going to catch massive pocket-bag samples out of nostalgia or curiosity. It gave the franchise an immense boost. The game itself did not bother well at the time and lacked the necessary features that developer Niantic had promised in advance – features that have been added over the past two years and have changed the game considerably.


Finally exchanging Pokemon with friends

The latest update for Pokémon Go finally makes it possible to trade poker. The feature was already promised at launch, but is now finally rolled out to all players after a short beta time. You can exchange with friends who are up to one hundred meters away from you and each time costs a quantity of Stardust, the magical good to make your team stronger. Trading is therefore not unlimited and each individual copy can only be exchanged once. Special pokémon, which includes shiny and legendary types, costs more Stardust and trainers can do a special exchange once a day.

An exchange takes a few seconds and afterwards both trainers receive extra candy, the sweets to evolve or train pokémon. The Combat Power and / or the amount of health of a Pokemon also change, depending on the relationship that trainers have with each other. Relationships are slowly built up by sending each other gifts with random items, which is possible up to once a day. You will receive gifts as ready-made packages at pokéstops.

The friends system is rightly the reason why many players pick up the game again. Since Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, the series is all about exchanging the creatures to complete your collection, and it’s amazing that Pokémon Go allows this now. It is also a lucrative way to level up and earn extra candy, which is normally a time-consuming activity. Unfortunately, adding friends is still a code, which fortunately can easily be shared via social media.


We can not live without raids anymore

There are also raids added to the game, cooperative battles where you try to beat a very strong pokémon with a maximum of twenty people. The raids have proven themselves twice. They offer the opportunity to work together (read: very hard on the screen) to catch rare and sometimes legendary pokémon. The game automatically shows when a new session in the environment begins and recently it is also possible to see how many others have tried it before.

The big challenge of raids obviously remains to gather enough players around you to take a chance against the extremely strong boss. Just see twenty people drumming up, especially now because many people are on vacation. With the raids also came a number of new items.  A successful raid can also provide players with a Fast or Charged Technical Machine, with this machine your pokémon can learn new attacks. Finally, Premium Balls will be handed out so that you will never be without Pokéballs if you try to roll in that Lugia. Pokémon Go motivates you to participate and collaborate with others, something we can absolutely appreciate.

pokemon go raids

A user-friendly interface

Finally, the interface of Pokémon Go has been greatly improved. For example, in the months after release it was difficult to quickly find and sort pokémon, but the new system makes this a piece of cake. You can now search by name, one or more types and even on attack. Sending double copies to Professor Willow can also be done in groups and there are more direct ways to assess the size and statistics of your Pokemon.

Finally, the Nearby function finally works as promised and it is easy to see which new Pokémon are in the neighborhood. With the press of a button, the game even shows where the Pokemon is exactly on the map.

It took a while, but Pokémon Go is much closer to the game that we have been promised. Exchange with friends and raids are very fine additions and thanks to the rollout of new Pokémon you always return home with a fuller Pokédex. Of course the game is far from perfect, but for now it is an excellent time to start the game again.

pokedex pokemon go

Do you want to buy stuff in Pokemon Go?

If you would like to buy stuff in the Pokemon Go shop for free ,you can do this in 2 different ways. You can either defend gyms to get pokecoins or buy them with free credit from Primeprizes. The gym defender bonus consists of a maximum of 50 free pokecoins per day. When Pokemons stay in the gym longer your pokecoins bonus will be higher (up to 50 pokecoins per day). You can buy one of the packages available in the store with real currencies, but at PrimePrizes you can earn it.



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