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How to earn free Spotify premium?

Some people think it’s impossible to get Spotify premium for free. Well, we’re here to tell you that they are wrong. It Is actually really easy! On this platform you can complete simple offers which when completed will give you reward points. When you have enough points, you can redeem your Spotify gift card code.

The only thing holding you back of earning earning sweet prices right now, is that you don’t have an account yet, which you can make here. Look at our step by step guide below to get started!

Free Spotify Premium guide

  • First of all you should make an account
  • When you’ve made your account, you can log in by going to our login page
  • Pick an offer you feel like completing and complete it. Congratulations, you’ve just earned your first reward points!
  • After you’ve got enough reward points, a claim your Spotify premium subscription.

To make sure you are having a great time, while earning a gift card. We offer a wide variety of different offers. One of the best things, is that you can earn by playing video games.

free spotify premium gift cards

What is the premium version of Spotify?

Spotify is the biggest platform to listen and download your music. The platform is has become more popular, because most popular artists choose it to release new albums. You can choose to use some of Spotify’s features for free, but most people choose to get a Spotify premium account. It removes all the annoying advertising that is pushed in the free version. In addition, you will receive the following premium features:

  • No advertising in between songs
  • The possibility to listen to specific numbers instead of being forced to use shuffle
  • The option to use a higher sound quality while listening
  • Listen to your music offline by downloading it
  • Use Spotify connect to listen to music with a Chromecast or your game console!

All of these features are available for approximately $10 a month. However, everyone is able to start a 1 month trial. If you want to keep the subscription without paying, you can always sign up to our reward system.

spotify premium free

Find new music with Spotify Playlists

While other platforms mostly serve you the music you like. The interface of Spotify was designed to explore and discover new music songs. They have an unique system that serves you music that aligns with your overall music taste. However, you will also have the opportunity to start searching by yourself.

Feel like listening to some new music? Check the discover tab. If you want to listen to a certain genre you can do so. There is a huge amount of playlists to choose from. You can also make your own playlists and share them with your friends. This way you and your friends can listen to the same kind of music!

Are these codes legit?

Yes, all of our codes are 100 % legit and are obtained in a legal way. We don’t claim to have a magical Spotify premium code generator that just gives out free gifts like it’s nothing. We know that these generators don’t exist and every site that does claim to have one is lying. On this website you simply earn points by doing easy tasks to quickly get your digital code for Spotify. There are a lot of scammers in this line of business. Be careful, because most will provide fake or already used codes. Here, we only serve valid, unused codes. You can even contact our customer support if there are any issues. We are a trustworthy company that uses a big advertising network. We have lots of partners who’d love to pay for your time.

Legit Spotify Premium For Free

Redeem Spotify Codes

How to redeem your earned Spotify Premium?

When you’ve received the free Spotify Premium code in your e-mail. You can add it to your account for the premium experience. Follow our guide below.

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