Samsung has permanently remedied an irritation of many Galaxy users. The samsung smartphones will no longer receive app advertisements from Samsung.


If you do not open certain supplied apps for a long time on a Samsung phone, your phone reminds you that you can use the app. From now on, this will no longer happen with the Galaxy A7 and probably not with coming devices. For the people who do not have Galaxy A7, it may still be unchanged now. However, a simple solution that some Galaxy A7 users have also had to apply to get rid of it.


If you receive advertising from Samsung in your phone, this is because you agreed with it when you first set up your new device. When you use your Samsung for the first time, you first have to set a number of things, but you also have to accept the general conditions of the company. A component that is automatically checked, but that you can also expand, is ‘market information’. If you uncheck this while setting up, you will not get any advertising from Samsung.

If you have already set up your mobile and have inadvertently agreed to receiving market information, you can simply restore this by not agreeing to settings> general management> market information. With the Galaxy A7, starting from now when setting up for the first time, you will no longer be able to find the market information option between the parts you can agree with.

block ads in samsung mobile


The reason Samsung removes the function is not entirely clear, but it could be that they do it to create a more positive user experience. Another reason is that they still keep advertising notifications, but in this way ensure that they no longer know where they come from.

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