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By agreeing to our privacy policy, you declare that you explicitly accept all rights and obligations stated in this privacy policy. You can easily withdraw your consent by sending an email to the email address below. Withdrawing your consent means that you can no longer make use of your account. You can always contact us to receive additional information about the consent provided by you.

If you are younger than 16 years old, you can only activate or create an account if you have permission from the person who has parental responsibility. We trust that you will act honestly.


Company identity


Aweg 17L

9718CV, Groningen


[email protected]


What we do

Which personal data do we process:

  • Your login details, this concerns your email address and password.
  • Anonymous meta data, such as: IP address and device information.
  • We may also store your account username, PayPal address, Bitcoin address and Payoneer address. This data is only stored when you provide it in your account.
  • We also implement the Universal Google Analytics Code. This allows Google Analytics to use cookies on your computer to keep track of usage data.


For what purpose do we process personal data:

e-mail address:

  • To enable account installation
  • To enable the payout. You will be informed by mail to cash your reward and the digital code will also be send to the email address provided for your account.
  • To inform you about updates within your account.
  • Send newsletters so that we can keep you informed of offers and other marketing technical updates (if you are registered for this).
  • To communicate with you


  • To make sure your account is secured.

IP address:

  • We store your IP address to keep track on the amount of points you can receive for sharing us on social media and to receive data about your geographic location. This information is used to adjust your prize/reward, in this case a gift card. To make sure it works for your specific geographic location.


Where does the personal data come from:

  • Login details (such as email address and password) are provided by you.
  • The IP Address is automatically stored and passed on by Google Analytics and we will store your IP address in our database once you create an account.


Who do we share this personal information with: 

Email address:

We do not share your e-mail address with third parties, including the affiliate companies/networks we are working with. Third parties may ask for your email address, in which case you can chose to fill in your email address and provide it by yourself.



We will never share your password with third parties. Your personal data is protected with password hashing.


IP address:

Your IP address is shared with Google. Google Analytics is automatically keeping track and stores each IP Address that enters our website. This is done to analyze the behavior of the visitors and users on our website.


Cloudflare will also be storing the IP Address of each visitor on our website. This is done to protect our server and website from attacks. Such as denial of service attacks.


When you are logged in your IP Address will be tracked by our advertisers to set the offers according to your country and check for conversion of offers.


How long do we store your personal data?:

If you have not logged in for 6 years, your account will be completely deleted. This also includes the reward points you have saved up on your account.


IP Address:

We will store your IP Address for a life time. This is needed to detect fraud.


Use of Cookies

We may store cookies as well as our advertisers. The cookies stored on your computer are used to allocate the earnings for referrals and our advertising partners may use cookies to track the conversion of offers. By visiting this site you allow us and our advertisers to use cookies. We also allow Google Analytics to analyze the behavior of our visitors by storing cookies on your pc.


Google Analytics and cookies

Google Analytics may store cookies on your browser to keep track of usage data. In terms we can use this data to improve our website. For example, using cookies we can look at aggregate patterns  like the average number of visitors on certain pages. We can use such analysis to gain insights on how to improve the user experience on the website.    


Google Analytics Remarketing

This cookie will also enable us to use Google Analytics Remarketing to display promotional advertisements to you on other websites you visit across the internet. Google and other third party vendors may show you adds on other websites after visiting our website. The remarketing adds will only trigger if you have visited our website. If you don’t want Google Analytics to keep track on your data you can change your settings on this page


Google advertising

When you have visited our website we may use the advertising service of Google Adwords. This allows us to show advertisements to you on the Google Search Results Page, or a site in the Google Display Network. Third party vendors, like Google and others use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visit to our website. If you want to change your preferences for how Google advertises to you, you can visit this link


Your rights:

You have the right to inspect your personal data:

If you want to view your personal data, you can send us an email with your request, to the above address.


You are entitled to correct your personal data:

If you want to correct or change your personal data, you can send us an email with your request, to the above address.


You are entitled to removal of your personal data:

If you wish to delete your personal data, you can send us an email with your request, to the above address. Your data will be completely removed from our secure system. You could also remove your account, this will automatically delete your personal data.


Inspection, correction and deletion of personal data only takes place if you can prove that it concerns your personal data, we do not provide personal data to third parties if we suspect that someone is abusing this right. Such requests will be processed as soon as possible and will be completed within 4 weeks.


You are entitled to data portability:

Certain data (certain / particular personal information) are transferable. If you wish us to transfer the personal data we stored about you to a third party designated by you, you can send your request in an email to the email address above. Requests must be clearly described, we do not process unclear requests. Such requests will be processed as soon as possible and will in any case be dealt with within 3 months.



If you have a complaint or complaints about the way in which we handle your data, you can submit it to ‘Authority for Personal Data’ or in Dutch ‘Autoriteit Persoonsgevens’. The ‘Personal Data Authority’ is obliged to handle these complaints.



We store your personal data in a secure environment. Your personal informated is secured by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This is indicated by the green lock infront of the domain name. By clicking on this green lock the browser will show you if the connection is secured. We also protect your personal data with password hashing, Token encryption of login sessions and Xss protection.


Third  parties / Third party website links

You will find links from third parties within your account in the PrimePrizes reward system, which is hosted in and beyond.  We are not responsible for the privacy policies of the third parties you can access through the website. There may be differences between our privacy policy and that of third parties, so we advise you to read the privacy policies of these parties.


Changes in privacy policy

We will keep you informed of changes in our privacy policy. Do you have questions about our privacy policy? Mail to the above email address.