Nexus Blitz new game mode LoL

Nexus Blitz was released on the 17th of August by Riot Games as a new gaming mode for League of Legends. While Riot Games is continuously updating League of Legends, we haven’t seen a new game mode being introduced for a while now. The game has been very successful with the 5vs5 on Summoners Rift. This makes us wonder whether Nexus Blitz is convincing enough to get people to stick. Instead of falling back in their old ways playing Summoners Rift. So what is Nexus Blitz all about and why should you start plating it? We will discuss everything we know about Nexus Blitz and at the end of story you will be convinced to try it out!

Why you need to try the Nexus Blitz game mode!

Do you remember your frustration when a 5vs5 Summoners Rift game took over 50 minutes? That is exactly what makes Nexus Blitz such a great game. Remember those moments that you only have 30 minutes to continue playing? Your mate asks you whether you want to play another game. But you know that it will take at least 5 minutes to complete the que and champion selection. Which leaves only 25 minutes to actually play League of Legends. You decide to play and you have to leave, ending up with a penalty given to you by Riot.

Fortunately, you don’t have to decide anymore from now on. Because the new game mode will be done within 15 to 20 minutes. This is also the reason why you should check out the Nexus Blitz game. Probably, you want to stick to Summoners Rift. But sooner you will find yourself in the situation that you only have 30 minutes left to play. When this happens, we recommend you to give it a try.

Nexus Blitz Map


Nexus Blitz Gameplay

The game play in Nexus Blitz is a little different from what we are used to. While the new game play is still played as a 5vs5 game, the map is significantly smaller. This has probably forced Riot Games to only push two lanes in this map. Both lanes are located very closely to each other, allowing for proper ganking. While both lanes are located at the bottom of the map forming a curve towards the top. The area that is in between is filled with jungle, stuffed with creatures for you to slay.

Gameplay with a lot of gank opportunities

Because you can literally walk from one lane to the other lane in a matter of seconds. The ganking opportunities in Nexus Blitz are amazing. When you play the game you will instantly notice that there is a lot going on at the same time. Continuously, you will match up in a 5 vs 5 battle. Slaying champions and getting slayed many times. Until you reach that breaking point where one team gets a solid gold advantage and starts controlling the game.

Moreover, it is pretty easy to stealth your way through the jungle. To find yourself in a tactical position behind the enemy team. Obviously, you should make sure to control the middle of the jungle with a pink ward. To make sure you don’t suffer from enemy attacks from behind. Just a small tip we will give you before you start playing! The fact the Blue buffs will literally spawn in the water next to the lane you battle on. Will also create some amazing fights in League of Legends. Altogether, the map has been designed and built for an interactive piece of game play. Just what League of Legends needed!

teamfight in Nexus Blitz


Events are the main reason why this game mode only takes 15 minutes. On a random moment events are triggered and when you win it, your whole team receives a buff. Riot Games has probably added this feature to make sure that the game doesn’t keep dragging on for to long. With one of the events you will have to hit each other with snowballs. The team that hits the most snowballs will win the buff. We won’t be spoiling all the other events that take on in the game. You will have to test that for yourself!

Sudden Death

However, there is one other event that we will spoil. This event is called “sudden death” and spawns a huge nexus minion on the map. The team who kills this huge minion, is the victorious team and wins the game. The sudden death event will automatically activate when the game reaches the 18 minute threshold. This is a built in security measure to make sure that the game doesn’t take to long.

sudden death event

Is Nexus Blitz worth playing in League of Legends?

Altogether it is definitely worth to try out the Nexus Blitz game mode. It literally forces you to get into team fights constantly. Playing this mode can help you to control the skills of champions way better. Because, you can practice them a lot. Moreover, it is the perfect game mode to play when you are running out of time. It will never take longer than 20 minutes. When you drop 10 players on a very small map, you are guaranteed of fun!

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