There has a been a loud voice in the PlayStation community as many users have reported a bug in the PlayStation 4. But how is this possible? Well, there seems to be a unique character that people send through chat. As soon as you open it on your PlayStation account, the consoles crash. People are misusing it by sending it to their opponents in the game. This way they will disconnect and lose the game. Talking about earning easy experience.

Don’t open messages from unknown players

If you have had the bad luck of opening one of these messages on the PlayStation network and your PlayStation stopped working. You can get it back to work. But it won’t be easy. As a matter of fact, you will have to complete a full system factory recovery.

Obviously, the message will still be there so your PlayStation 4 will simply crash as soon as it restarts. For this reason, you will have to download the PS messages app that is available for Android and IOS. Search for weird characters in a message and remove them forever. Don’t retry this without deleting, because you will end up with the exact same problem as you started.

Take action to prevent worse

Make sure that you don’t fall for these silly jokes. We will tell you exactly how to protect yourself from malicious messages. It is actually quite easy once you know it. The only thing you will have to do is adjusting the settings of your messages to “private”. This way you can’t receive messages from unannounced people who aren’t friends with you. Did you receive such a message and you haven’t opened it yet? Use the app to get rid of it, or never open it!

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