Earn FREE Gift Cards on PrimePrizes in 3 simple steps!

On PrimePrizes.com you can earn $10, $20 and $50 free gift cards for over 40 different popular brands.

You can earn your first gift card within an hour of work. Read the tutorial below to learn how:


1. Register with PrimePrizes.com

You can easily create an account on PrimePrizes.com. You can do it by logging in with your “Facebook account” or you can join with an email address.

login and register primeprizes

2. Earn PrimePoints

Once you login, you will land on the “Top offers”. These are the offers that will get you to earn the most PrimePoints

Earn 2000 PrimePoints to claim your first Free Gift Cards from more than 40+ different brands!

Top earning offers PrimePrizes

3. Claim a FREE Gift Card

Claim your Free Gift  Card on the “Claim prizes” page. You will receive your digital code on your registered email address.

Therefore, you should use a working email address.

Congratulations, you just earned your first gift card on primeprizes.com!

primeprizes claim gift card

More options to use on PrimePrizes.com

1. Claim a coupon

Before you register, you can claim coupons to get PrimePoints. The points acquired from coupons, can be used to get free gift cards from our reward system. You can get a $5 coupon when you register. You can also get more coupons by sharing us on social media.

Claim coupon with Primeprizes

2. Find more offers

Next to our page with the “Top offers” you can also select different advertising partners to collect points with under “offer walls”. Most advertisers offer:

  • App downloads
  • Playing video games
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Email submits to giveaways and more
more offers on primeprizes

3. Dashboard

Within your personal dashboard you can find the PrimePoints you have earned so far, the points earned with referrals, claimed points and chargebacks (offers with invalid information will trigger a chargeback).

Primeprizes reward system dashboard

4. Account settings

With the accounts you will find “account settings”. Here, you can enter your Paypal address, Payoneer address or Bitcoin Wallet. These are requirments if you want to get paid in one of the above payments. You can also remove your account here. 

Account settings primeprizes

Join the PrimePrizes reward system to start earning.