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How to earn free Gift Cards of all brands?

The first step to earn free Gift Cards on PrimePrizes is that you have to sign up for our service. Did you already sign up? Then log in to your account and start earning points directly.  After singing up, you will be able to start earning points. Collect points easily by completing different offers. Interested in what kind of offers you have to complete? Read the paragraph below.

When you complete an offer, our system will automatically add the points to your account. When you have saved enough points you can redeem your price. All the earned points will be visible in your private dashboard. If you want to know how the dashboard looks like and how it works. Read the paragraph ‘take a look at our dashboard’.

What kind of offers do I have to complete?

There are lots of different offers and you don’t have to complete all kind of offers. Just choose the offers that you like and complete online these. Below we will explain all the offers.

Email submits: An Email submit offer is one of the easiest offers to complete. The only thing you have to do is, leave your name and Email and get rewarded.

Surveys: A survey is a way of research, using a questionnaire, which is submitted to a specific group. Our partners are willing to pay for your opinion about their brand. So we add points to your account after completing a survey from our partners completely.

App installs: App installs are offers that you can complete on your mobile device. There are two different kind of app install offers.

Donwload and open: Complete this offer by downloading the app and open it for 30 seconds. After you turned back to our website, you will see that we added the points to your account.

Download, open and play until level …: Complete this offer by downloading the app/game and play until a specific level. This will cost you more time then the most of our offers. That’s why we giveaway a lot of points for these offers.

Watch video’s: Watch advertisements for points. The only thing you have to do is press play. The advertisement will start and after you watched it, we will give you points for it.

Mobile subscriptions: These offers gives you the most points. You have to send a sms and after that, you have a subscription by a third party. This offer gives the most points because most of the times it will cost money. We don’t recommend to do this, but some of our visitors want these kind of offers.

Take a Look at our dashboard

Our dashboard is pretty straight forward. After you logged in, you will land on the home page. The homepage gives you information about your earned points, referral points, spent points and chargebacks. Below we will explain all these subjects:


Earned points: Here are all your earned points displayed. All of our offers represent an certain value. After completing an offer, the value is attributed under this heading. keep in mind that there can be up to a half-hour delay between the completion of an offer and the value of attribution under this heading.

Referral points: When you register a friend with your referral link. You earn 10% of his earnings for life. All of your earned referral points are attributed under this heading.

Spent points: Here you will see how many points you have redeemed for a gift card.

Chargebacks: When the offers are filled in with fake data or when offers are not fully completed, the points may be added to your account. When we have double checked the information and this appears to be so, we can reclaim the points. Reclaimed points are displayed in your dashboard as chargebacks.

How to redeem points for a Gift Card?

Redeeming your points for Gift Cards is easy. After saving enough points, go to the claim prices page and choose the Gift Cards that you want. After you claimed your Gift, we will get a message so we know we have to send your Gift Card to you. Our service provide you with the Card that you want within one business day.

How is it possible to giveaway free Gift Cards?

It is possible to giveaway Gift Cards, because we have a lot of partnerships. Our partners pay for your opinion about their brand (surveys), will retarget you with special discounts (email submits) or wants to bind you to their game(app installs). For your actions we will be rewarded by our partners so we can reward our visitors.

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