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Did your Xbox live gold subscription just end? Don’t worry, you found the right place! On this website you can collect points by downloading apps, playing games on your device or by watching cool video’s. Once enough points are added to your account, you can claim a free Xbox live code.

Free Xbox Live Codes

How to earn free Xbox live codes?

A lot of people have the perception that it is impossible to earn Free Xbox Live Codes. Actually there are a couple of ways that make it really easy to earn premium subscription for the Xbox. On this website you can use your free time to complete small and fun tasks to earn points. When you’ve received enough points you can retrieve a Xbox Live Code for free! The only thing you need to start is to an account! When you’ve made your account, you can go to the user panel to see how you’re doing. Turn your free time in to hard earned cash by using the step by step guide below to get free Xbox live gold.

Free XBox live Gold Codes Guide

  • First you have to make an account which you can do over here
  • Login with your created account
  • Choose the offers you want to complete to earn your points
  • Claim your free gift card!

There is a huge number of tasks available, ranging from installing applications, completing interesting surveys, play games or watch video’s. The amount of points you get per completed task depends on the difficulty and length of the task. You can see this in the user panel. Beside free Xbox live codes we also have a lot of other rewards you could choose from on our rewards page.

free xbox live gift cards

What is a Xbox live gold code?

With a Xbox Live Gold code you can buy a lot of stuff from the Xbox Live Store. You can use our authentic free codes for Xbox live gold to buy items on the Xbox platform. Buy games, get in-game items, buy extensions and chat with your gaming friends! Start doing offers today and get your free Xbox live gold codes quickly delivered into your mailbox.

What can I buy with my Xbox gift cards?

  • Games
  • DLC
  • Buy or rent a movie/programme
  • Apps
  • Use them on your Windows phone and in the Microsoft store too!

If you want some free games or watch some free movies to be able to play or look at with your friends make your very own account right now, so you won’t miss out! You can also team up with your friends and refer one another to start saving for free xbox live codes together!

xbox live free gift card codes


Don’t use a Xbox Live code generator

There are a lot of fraudsters on the internet claiming to have a free Xbox live gold code generator or that they can generate free Xbox Live Gold Codes of choice. All these sites are scams, most of the times you will end up with a virus.

On our website we offer 100 % legit Free Xbox Live Codes. We don’t use a ‘generator’ because they don’t exist. We buy the gift cards we pay out with the money our advertising partners pay us for the completed tasks. It’s very simple and transparent. If you complete our offers you will gain points, with these points you can claim a prize. Because of our higher pay out rates you will be able to earn your gift cards the quickest in our reward system. In addition to that we have a 24/7 customer support team that can help you out with all your questions, go to the contact page for the details.

Legit xbox live codes


Redeem your points to get Gold access on the Xbox

If you've spend some time and worked your points up, you can claim a code for the Xbox. This can be done on the "claim prizes" page once you are logged in. We will send the free xbox live codes to you by e-mail. Normally you will receive the Xbox live code within one or two business day.

How to redeem your Xbox Live Gift Card?

You can redeem your Xbox live gift card by following the simple steps below. When you’ve received your code you can use the guide below to get the credit to your Xbox account.

  • Turn on your Xbox
  • Go to the store tab and press the ‘A’ button on your controller.
  • Go down until you see ‘use a code’ and press ‘a’ again.
  • Press ‘A’ to open the Keyboard
  • Enter your free gift code
  • Go to the ‘redeem’ option and press ‘A’ again. You are done!
  • Your Free Xbox Live Code has been added to your account.

Redeem Xbox Live Code

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