Free Xbox Live Codes 

Free Xbox Live Codes will get you additional months of premium Xbox subscription. Are you looking for a way to get a free xbox live code? Don’t worry, this is all possible on Don’t waste your time on other platforms. If you sign up with primeprizes, our database of premium offers will be unlocked for you to use.

For your first prize, you will only require “2000 Primepoints” this is equal to a Free Xbox Gift Card worth $10. These can be used on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It is highly recommended to get the free coupons by sharing us on social media first. Also, don’t forget to set out the referral links to make sure you can automate the earnings of Free Xbox Live Gold Codes.

Each offer takes about a minute

The PrimePrizes Reward System includes surveys, video games, fun movies you can watch and all kind of comparable offers. Every single one, shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to complete. Spend just a few hours to get enough Free Xbox Live to last months. The PrimePoints will be floating in, each time a task is completed. 

Free Xbox Live Codes
free xbox live gift cards

How to get free Xbox live codes?

A lot of people have the perception that it is impossible to earn Free Xbox Live Codes. Actually there are a couple of ways that make it really easy to earn premium subscription for the Xbox. On this website you can use your free time to complete small and fun tasks to earn PrimePoints. When you’ve received enough points you can retrieve a Xbox Live Code for free, no survey or human verification is required!

It isn’t difficult to get start at all. The first thing to do, is signing up with your email address. We will ask you to create a password to secure your account. As as soon as this is finished, you will get access to the back-end user panel. Here, you can view the amount of PrimePoints you have earned in a life time. You can also view the total selection of gift cards you can earn. This includes many other different brands, than just Xbox. Turn your free time into money, by following the guide for Free Xbox Live below.

Free XBox live Gold Codes Guide

  1. Click on the green button to start earning PrimePoints
  2. Share us on social media for additional points (optional)
  3. Proceed and sign up with valid information
  4. Visit the “Top offers” page for the best earning offers
  5. Watch the points float into your dashboard.

There is a huge number of tasks available for Free Xbox Live Gold Codes, ranging from simply downloading and installing mobile applications all the way to providing your opinion in questionnaires. The amount of PrimePoints you get per completed task depends on the difficulty and length of the task. You can view this in the user panel. Besides free Xbox gift cards for Xbox 360 and Xbox one, there is a huge list of other prizes your can receive. Just take a few minutes to watch our other prizes. For example, we also offer sweet prizes for PlayStation fans. Think about free psn codes and Free PlayStation Plus Codes. We got you covered for multiplayer access and free games on the PlayStation. You are never limited in the amount of prizes you can receive.

What is a Xbox Live Gold Code?

With a Xbox Live Gold code you can buy a lot of stuff from the Xbox Store. You can use our authentic free codes for Xbox live gold to play your games in multiplayer on the Xbox console for several months. In order to access all the premium features of the Xbox you will require the license that come with this code. Next to the regular online multiplayer, you will also unlock Home Gold. This will make sure that everyone single person in your household can play online. If you don’t feel like matching up with family, don’t worry. Through the new available feature called “party chat” you can communicate with other players all over the world. Exchange your opinions and share tips and tricks on games you play.

Moreover, you will get additional games that are free to play. These are called the “games with gold”. Each month a new set of games will be available for you to test. Sometimes, they are great, sometimes that aren’t. But you can filter out those that you want and continue to play the games for as long you have Xbox Live activated.

Enjoy Xbox Live Discounts

Obviously, we shouldn’t forget about the awesome discounts. Free Xbox Codes will make sure that you pay way less for certain gaming titles. The discount vary between games but when you wait for the right moment. You can definitely save a lot of money on your Xbox Games.

If that wasn’t enough, you will also get cloud storage from the Xbox Live Network. This way your games are saved in the cloud, instead of locally. Whenever you login to your Xbox Live Account you are able to retrieve your old saved games. This innovation has made sure that you don’t have to restart your progress in the games. Every time you play on another Xbox.

xbox live free gift card codes

Don’t use a Xbox Live code generator

Watch out for fraudsters on the internet claiming to have a free Xbox live gold code generator or that they can generate free codes of choice. All these sites are scams, most of the times you will end up with a virus.

On our website we offer 100 % legit Free Xbox Live Gold. We don’t use a ‘generator’ because they don’t exist. With us, each time you download an app, or watch a movie, third party advertisers will add money to your account. It’s very simple and transparent. If you complete our offers you will gain points, with these points you can claim a prize.

Because of our higher pay out rates you will be able to earn your gift cards blazing fast. If you want some things clarified before you join. Please, navigate to the contact area and send us a message. We will reply as soon as possible.

Legit xbox live codes
Xbox live gold

Redeem your points to get Gold access on the Xbox

If you’ve spend some time and worked your points up, you can claim a code for the Xbox. This can be done on the “claim prizes” page once you are logged in. We will send the free xbox codes codes to you by e-mail. Normally you will receive the Xbox live code within one or two business day.

How to redeem your Xbox Live Gift Card?

You can redeem your Xbox live gift card by following the simple steps below. When you’ve received your code you can use the guide below to get the credit to your Xbox account.

  • Turn on your Xbox
  • Go to the store tab and press the ‘A’ button on your controller.
  • Go down until you see ‘use a code’ and press ‘a’ again.
  • Press ‘A’ to open the Keyboard
  • Enter your free gift code
  • Go to the ‘redeem’ option and press ‘A’ again. You are done!
  • Your account has now been credited with the value of the Free Xbox Live Codes.
Redeem xbox live code

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