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How to earn Free Walmart Gift Cards

Are you looking for some free Walmart Gift Card Codes to get some extra groceries? Than you are in the right location. WIth the FGO Reward System you can start earning points to claim your free money to spend in the Walmart. We have all kinds of fun offers you can complete in your spare time. The only thing you will have to is follow the steps below to create your account.

  • Create your very own account
  • Sign in to your account and go to the available offers
  • Complete offers till you’ve made enough for your Walmart gift card

Start now and earn points the easy way. Don’t miss any offers and sign up. Curious about our other rewards? You can check our rewards page here.

Where and on what can I use my gift card for Walmart?

Walmart is a huge chain of supermarkets founded by Sam Walton in 1962. It is available in over 28 different countries and has a total of 11.700 different stores. Of which, about halve of the stores are located outside the United States. Walmarts offers all kinds of different store types ranging from huge warehouses, to supermarkets, to small cash and carry shops. In the huge warehouses of Walmart you can find all kind of different products. You can think about Electronics, Pharmacy, Health & Beaty, Auto and Tires, Video Games, Fitness, Sewing & Crafts, Clothing and Furniture products. Actually, every single product you can think off, is probably available at the Walmart. Therefore, you can use the Walmart Gift Card to spend it on any product of choice. However, you will have to purchase the product at the Walmart. We will show you a list of places you can spend your Walmart gift card right below!

Gift card can be used at:

  • The Walmart Website
  • The Samsclub Website
  • Walmart stores and Neighborhood Markets
  • Sam’s Club stores
  • The Vudu Website

Walmart Gift Cards

Are these Free Walmart gift card codes legit?

All the Gift Cards we provide in the FGO Reward System are 100% legally acquired. Our advertising partners are happily paying for the time you spend on playing awesome new video games, downloading mobile apps, watching great videos and all kinds of other activities. We use the money received from our advertising partners to repay you with Walmart Gift Cards for free. Ofcourse, it isn't limited to Walmart Gift Cards. We offer a total of 30+ different gift cards to select.

We have worked hard to provide the most convenenient, simple and easy reward system on the web. you can already claim your price with a value of $10. Most of our competitors seem to be disrupting the users from actually claiming a prize by starting at $20. On the other hand, we want to encourage you to claim  your first prize! Therefore, we are your long-term partner to earn free gift cards.


Redeem your points for a Free Walmart Egift Card

Once you have collected 2000 Reward Points. Which should be doable within an hour to a few hours of work. You can claim a $10 Free Walmart Egift Card. On the "Earn Prizes" page you can claim the reward. We will make sure that the digital code will be send to your email address within two business days. Usually, you will receive it the exact same day. Make sure to use a valid email address to sign up when you create an account. Otherwise, you won't be able to recover your prize. The more offers you complete, the faster you will get your code so start now!


How to redeem your Walmart Gift?

It is very easy to use your Walmart gift card code to shop at America’s biggest retailer and this is how you do it.

  • Go to the Walmart Website.
  • Find the product you would like to buy with your Gift card
  • Click ‘use a Walmart Gift card’ and enter the card number + pin
  • The card balance will be automatically applied, you are done!

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