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Free Fortnite V bucks

How to earn Free V-Bucks?

Are you looking for some free V-bucks? Then you found the right website. Our method will get you the v-bucks you oh so desperately need to buy that bunny costume or save up for the next battle pass! But how to get V-bucks for free? On this website you gain points by completing simple tasks. When you’ve gained enough points you can claim a gift card!

How to get free V-Bucks Guide

Keep in mind: when you wan’t to get v-bucks without spending money, you have to claim a free PSN card, Xbox Live Card or Microsoft Gift Card. You can exchange the named cards to add Free V-bucks to the gaming platform you are using the most. Do you play on a android device? You will need free google play codes.

What are V-bucks?

V-Bucks are the in-game currency used by players of the game Fortnite. Fortnite is the most popular game of the moment with over 40 million copies downloaded. Fortnite will be completely free to play later in 2018 but at this moment, only the battle royale game mode is free to play. This player vs player game mode takes place in a big map with multiple areas and uses the last man standing principle. The other game mode, Save The world, is a player vs environment based shooter where all that matters is surviving the zombie-like creatures and completing the missions and quests.

Fortnite Battle Royale Free V-Bucks can be used in both game modes. You can take your Save the World v-bucks and spent them in Battle Royale and vice versa. In Save the World you can use your V-bucks to buy llama Piñatas full of awesome loot! In the Battle Royale game mode you can use them to buy cosmetic items like dances, emotes and characters. In addition to the things above you could also use them to buy a battlepass, which will reward you with lots of smaller rewards every time you level up your tier.

free v bucks

What are other ways to make some free V-Bucks?

Earning Fortnite Free V-Bucks on FGO is simple but there are also other ways to get free resources for Fortnite. 

In addition to earning V-Bucks on PrimePrizes, you could also start earning additional resources in-game instead of saving PrimePoints for it. Get a better Fortnite experience by trying some of the following options.

Save the world game mode:

  • Complete your daily Quest
  • Login to Save the world every day
  • Do timed missions
  • Put different sorts of items in your Collection Book
  • Complete the Main Questline
  • Do your side quests
  • Do your event challenges

Battle Royale:

Earn V Bucks

Don’t use the online V-bucks generators

There are a lot of people who are looking for Fortnite Battle Royale V-Bucks for free to get a better game experience, but  you have to watch out for the scams. A lot of scammy website claim to have a  V-Bucks generator that will add unlimited Free V-Bucks to your account. We can tell you, there is no such thing as a V-Bucks generator, most of the times when you try to use them you either end up with a virus, or a hacked account.

Our trusted system gives out honest payouts to make sure that you will get your V-bucks very quickly delivered in to your e-mail. Of course you won’t get your codes immediately and have to do some quick easy tasks beforehand but afterwards you will get a legit code! We like to think that it’s somewhat our responsibility to inform you about these scammers online and hope that by reading this, we’ve informed you to the point that you will recognize them immediately.

legit free v bucks

How to redeem your V-Bucks?

If you want to redeem your V-bucks, you can use the steps below to add the resources to your account and Voila! You’ll have the cool new characters and dances in no-time!

  1. Choose between a Microsoft, Xbox or PSN card. (Microsoft is for PC players)
  2. Add the money to the wallet of the store, specific to the console
  3. Buy V-Bucks With your credit on the Xbox, Playstation or on the PC
  4. Now make sure to spend it wisely! A battle Pass is always a good idea. 

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