Free V Bucks 2021

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You can use the V Bucks to get the latest Fortnite Skins for your harvesting tool, outfits and emotes. Or unlock the seasonal battle pass to get additional benefits in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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free v bucks 2019

How to get free v bucks?

It was never this easy to get Free Fortnite Gift Cards in 2021. Login to your account to get access to our huge database of offers. Complete offers to earn PrimePoints and exchange your points for V-bucks codes! Our offers:

  1. Mobile app downloads
  2. Playing Video Games
  3. Watching videos and trailers
  4. Interesting Surveys

Each time you complete an offer, PrimePoints are automatically added to your dashboard. You can use it to claim a gift card like the PaySafeCard or a direct payment on PayPal. Use the credit to add V bucks for free to your Fortnite account!

There are other websites that claim to have a Free V Bucks generator, glitch or hack. But it never works. It is a complete waste of time.

Instead you should spend your time in the PrimePrizes reward system. 2000 PrimePoints is equal to 1000 V bucks, acquired with a legal and working method.

how to get free v bucks

What are V bucks?

V bucks is the main currency used to complete micro transactions in the Fortnite item shop. Fortnite was developed by Epic Games and has grown in popularity since the introduction of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Everyone is familiar with the Co-op sandbox survival game, where 100 players are dropped on an island. Where only one person (single player) or one squad (multiplayer) will survive.

You don’t need V bucks to play Fortnite Battle Royale on PS, Xbox or PC. Because you can download and play the game for free.

Instead the bucks are used to purchase premium items in the shop. This includes cosmetic upgrades that don’t offer any benefits in performance.

You can purchase new costumes or outfits with our free gift cards like:

  • Arctic assassin
  • Scorpion
  • Arachne
  • Beastmode
  • Spider Knight
  • Cuddle Team Leader and more.

However, you can also purchase dance emotes like: Hype, Floss, Take the L, Electro Shuffle, Best mates and many more.

V bucks

Can I use my V bucks across the different Fortnite Game Modes?

Fortnite consists out of the following game modes: Battle Royale (Player vs Player), Save The World (Player vs Environment) and Creative ( Builder practice area). The vbucks free you will acquire with our Fortnite gift card codes can be used across the different game modes. Use this instead of a fake generator.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you only play Battle Royale or save the world. You can always use resources to boost your account. However, simply relying on for your Free V Bucks Gift Card isn’t enough.

In fact, you should create and design a whole strategy around farming the maximum amount of resources. We understand that it’s complex to design such a strategy.

For this reason, we have created a step by step V bucks farming guide for 2019. We will explain how you can invest your resources as efficient as possible.

Fortnite Game Modes
Fornite Battle Royale V bucks Guide 2019

Earn V Bucks with the Battle Pass

The first thing you should purchase is the Battle Pass that is only available in Fortnite Battle Royale. We recommend you to do this with the 1000 V bucks you have claimed here on PrimePrizes.

The Battle Pass is a seasonal premium upgrade that will unlock 100 Battle Tiers. Your Battle Tier starts at tier 1 and will level up once you have collected 10 Battle Stars. You can earn Battle Stars by:

  1. Purchasing them for 150 resources (not recommended)
  2. Completing daily challenges
  3. Completing Weekly challenges
  4. Leveling up your season level

Moreover, you will receive an in-game prize each time you level up your Battle Tier. This includes: emotes, emoticons, icons, cosmetics, contrails and free Fortnite skins and more.

Altogether, you can earn a total amount of 1500 Vbucks spread over the 100 Battle Tiers. Save 950 resources to purchase the next Battle Pass!

earn v bucks Fortnite Battle Pass

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

Obviously the Battle Pass is worth purchasing. In fact, the seasonal pass is one of the most generous reward systems we ever found in a game.

Not only does it provide you with more V bucks than it costs. It also rewards you with a lot of unique free items that can only be acquired during the season.

Most gamers purchase the Battle Pas because they want to own the Legendary skins / outfit acquired at the final Battle Tier. The following Free Legendary Fortnite Skins and items were available on the final tier:

  • “Black Knight” – season 2
  • “The Reaper outfit (John Wick) & High Octane” – season 3
  • “Omega & Onslaught” – season 4
  • “Ragnarok” – season 5
  • “Dire” – season 6
  • “The Ice King” – season 7
  • “Luxe” – Season 8

Altogether, the battle pass will offer you rewards equal to approximately 25000 V bucks. If you want to get more bucks continue reading!

    Fortnite Battle Royale Battle pass

    Stay away from the V bucks Generator

    Epic games has mentioned this multiple times on their Twitter. But some people still don’t seem to get it. You should stop using V bucks Generators because it is a complete scam. Something like a V bucks Hack or glitch simply doesn’t exist.

    We know that it sounds appealing to get resources delivered on the fly. But keep in mind that it you will never receive what they promise you. If you want your V bucks free, than start earning PrimePoints and claim your Fortnite gift card codes.  

    Fortnite Save the world V bucks Guide 2019

    Fortnite Save The World – Free V bucks Guide 2021

    One of the most profitable ways to earn V bucks for free, is by simply playing Fortnite Save the World. However, this game mode isn’t available for free. You will need to purchase it with real money. Thus, if you don’t feel like paying with real money. Please stop reading here. PrimePrizes is your only solution left to farm additional resources for Fortnite!

    Some rumors mention that Save The World will be made available for free in the future. However, this doesn’t make sense. Because people would purchase less when this happens.

    We highly recommend to invest the $39,99 to purchase the Save The World mode in Fortnite. This will unlock an unlimited amount of opportunities to earn V bucks codes!

    Login to Fortnite on a daily basis!

    Did you know that you can get a lot of free resources simply by logging in? Epic games really wants to stimulate you to play Fortnite on a daily basis.

    Because they are rewarding you with 10.000 V-bucks for free spread over 336 days of consequent logins. The biggest rewards are equally spread over the days. On day 112 and 224 you will receive an insane amount of 800 V Bucks.

    If this wasn’t enough already you will get an additional 1000 on day 336. Within your first month you can earn 350 Vbucks; 50 on day 11 and 300 on day 28. The great thing is that the only thing you will have to do is logging in.

    You don’t even have to play the game. A simple daily login is enough to get resources with a value of $100.

    daily login v bucks bonus

    Daily Quests

    Instead of wasting your time on a Free V Bucks Generator. We recommend you to spend that time completing the daily quests in save the world. It’s simple, every day you will receive a new daily quest. Once you complete it 50 V bucks and 100 daily coins will be added to your Fortnite account.

    There are three specific daily quests that will get you more bucks. These are the premium quests: Twine Peaks (100), Canny Valley (75) and Plankerton (60). In order to unlock these mission specialist quests you will have to complete 3 quests in the specific area.

    You can keep a maximum of three different daily quests in your inventory. They do not expire. However, only one new quest will be added each day when you log in.

    v bucks with daily quests

    Main Questline & Side Quests

    You can also earn additional resources by following the storyline in the PVE Campaign. The first quest you encounter in the questline called Homebase Storm Shield Defense 1. When you finish the quest 100 V-bucks will be added to your account. All the way through the story line you will encounter the Homebase Storm Shield defense 6 times.

    While you progress through the questline, you will find Side Quests. Usually, they will provide you with items like bacon or experience. However, some of them will reward you with 50 V-bucks. The Side quests: “mission accomplished”, “Hold the Door!” and “Toxic Treasures” consists of 20 different stages. Each time you complete a stage you will receive 30 to 50 V-bucks. Browse the list of all side quests.


    Every now and then Epic Games organizes events to spice things up. Each event includes its own unique questline that will provide you with a high variety of rewards.

    The rewards include Llamas, experience, PERK-Ups, gold and many other items. However, some of the events also offer you V bucks. For example, the Halloween event, survive the holidays, Mutant Storms and into the storms are all specific events that rewarded the main currency in the game.

    For this reason, we recommend you to keep an eye on the events. To make sure you complete all the events to earn V bucks.

    Fortnite V bucks Event

    How to buy V bucks?

    Sometimes it happens that a new Fortnite skin is released and you really want it. However, you can’t farm sufficient V bucks before the skin will disappear from the item shop.

    There is nothing left to do than purchasing the resources. You can do this in the Fortnite Store which becomes present once you login to Battle Royale.

    Select the amount of V-bucks you would like to purchase and complete the payment! Keep in mind, that you can get PaySafeCards and PayPal payments here on PrimePrizes. You can use the balance to purchase your resources in Fortnite.

    Earn monthly, weekly or even daily V Bucks on PrimePrizes

    Are you ready to purchase all the items from the item shop you want? You can easily get a lot of resources for Fortnite with our V bucks Guide for 2021.

    We have combined the best practices of Save The World and Battle Royale with the best online reward system!

    Create an account with PrimePrizes, select some easy and quick offers and get your Free V bucks to start! In the end, our reward system offers the quickest way to get resources!

    How to buy V-bucks

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