Free Steam Codes

Are you looking for a Free Steam Code? Than this is the right spot. Here, on we deliver an online platform where you can earn free steam codes. This is done by downloading apps, filling in surveys, downloading apps and watching sponsored movies.

Every time you complete one you will receive additional PrimePoints to claim free steam wallet codes. The money is paid for by our advertising partners, as you complete their sponsored content. Each offer holds a small value, but when you add it up, there will be sufficient earnings to get free steam cards.

It is our goal to offer a convenient online method to get prizes. Where anyone can just lay in bed or on the couch while earning PrimePoints to get Free Steam Money. We make this happen, with a system that is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and more.

Earn PrimePoints for Free Steam Wallet Codes

You can use the exact same account on your mobile device and computer. This way you can get free steam wallet codes from any location in the world. It doesn’t matter whether you are bored in class, or you are visiting your grandmother. You can always get your phone out to start earning PrimePoints for Free Steam Gift Card Codes. 

It is good to mention, that we don’t limit you in which offers you can complete. You can choose to just complete surveys, or just download apps. Most other systems prevent this from happening. But we play it fair, no survey requirement, no human verification, you can select those offers you like. Now start, the Free Steam Gift Cards are waiting for you!

Free Steam Wallet Codes

How to get Free Steam Codes?

In contrast to what a lot of people think, it is actually really simple to earn Steam Codes. By completing simple, fun and fast offers you can collect PrimePoints to claim prices.

The only thing that is keeping you from getting free steam cards is an account. Therefore, you should make one right away. You can easily see how you are doing in our user panel all the PrimePoints can be viewed in the dashboard. Want to know the exact steps to follow? We explain it all in the follow paragraph.

PrimePrizes Steam Guide:

  • Join PrimePrizes by selecting the green button.
  • Enter a valid email address and create a password.
  • Make a selection of the offers you can complete to reach “2000 PrimePoints”.
  • Visit the pages with all “prizes listed” and claim your Free Steam Codes.

We offer a wide range of different tasks you could do for points. For example, you could earn rewards by installing applications, completing interesting surveys or watching videos. You will get a certain amount of reward points per completed offer which you can see in your user panel.

Save up enough points to claim your gifts. In addition to Free Steam Credit, you can select all kind of other prizes. If you aren’t a big fan of gaming on the computer, Free PlayStation Plus offers a way to get free games on the PlayStation. For the fans of Xbox we also provide Free Xbox Live Codes to get access to additional gold games.

Steam Wallet Codes For Free

What is a steam wallet code?

You don’t have to leave your house anymore to get your steam account full of credit. These Steam codes can be used to buy items on the steam platform. Steam is the distribution and certification platform of Valve corporation which can be used to purchase all the games in on Steam. They also work together with the Steam sales, so make sure you spend your credit when the prizes are discounted. There are a lot of different Steam Games you can choose from. So don’t purchase something to quickly, always make the thoughtful decision about the game you purchase with our free steam card. Read more

What can I buy with my Steam Wallet Gift Card?

  • Games
  • Demo’s
  • Downloadable content
  • Animation software
  • Game development software
  • Other software

If you want to get all the latest games and downloadable content. It is recommended to join primeprizes right now. This way, you won’t miss out on our latest offers. Sometimes, there are easy offers worth a lot of PrimePoints. Missing out on these, would be a shame.

Steam Wallet Codes

Are these Steam codes legit?

Our codes are legit, in contrast to many other online websites, who claim to have invented a Steam Wallet Codes Generator. Let’s make on thing really clear. There is nobody who is able to hack the algorithm of Steam to create working Steam Codes. Instead of wasting your time on these low lifers, whose only purpose is to make money on your behalf. We recommend you to join forces with us and start earning your points. We have created a reward system where you can get 100% legit Steam Codes. Thus, remember that there is no such thing as a online generator. Most of the time your device will be infected with a virus. Or, you might end up losing money.

We provide a steady earning for everyone who is willing to put in the effort. The reward system works on multiple devices with the same account. This holds that you can continue on your mobile phone, where you left off on the computer. We offer higer pay-outs than any website on the web and we are always happy to support you. Rather than tricking you in completing offers. We have took our time to create a valuable platform to earn free Amazon gift cards. Our advertising partners are waiting to repay you for your efforts. We use the advertising money from our partners to reward you with one or multiple gift cards of choice.

Legit Steam Codes

Redeem your points to get Steam gift card codes

Once you got the hang of it and PrimePoints are floating into your account. It is time to claim your free Steam games codes. Once you are logged in you will see the “Claim Prizes” pages in the navigation. Here, you can take a look at all the different prizes we have to offer. This is also the location where you can claim your code. Pick the one you’d like and we will send you your prize by email. Usually, this will be done on the exact same day. Our offers have different levels of difficulty and time. Based on these factors the amount of Prime Points received will differ among each. Select them wisely to make sure that you work as efficient as possible. Playing a mobile game and reaching a certain level is always a great way to go!

Redeem Steam Wallet Code

How to redeem your earned Steam Wallet Code

Redeeming a Free Steam card code is pretty straightforward .Even though we always provide the instructions in the email we send you. You can also follow the instructions below to add the credit to your Steam account.

Redeem your code on pc or mac via steam:

  • Open steam and log in to your account
  • Press the games button in the steam-menu
  • Press the redeem steam wallet code button
  • Type in the digits you’ve received in your e-mail and that’s it, you’re done

Redeem your code on the steam website:

Now that you have added your Steam Credit, to your account. Purchase a game and enjoy. Don’t forget to stack additional PrimePoints for your next Free Steam Codes.

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