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How to earn a Free Staples Coupons?

Staples has a huge amount of office supplies and other handy things in stock. And we also understand that these small Office supplies aren’t the first thing on your mind you feel like splurging on but they are so handy. Well guess what? You don’t have to. Our team not only found a way for you to not only get gift cards without paying any money for them, you can also do it relatively quick. Check out our step by step guide below to make sure everything works out fine.

Free Staples Coupons Guide

  • The first thing you should do is create an account
  • Sign in to your account and find some offers you would like to complete
  • Complete your offers until you made enough to claim your Gift Card
  • Choose a Gift Card and claim it!

Start now by doing offers and get your points up. Don’t miss out on these awesome offers and sign up right now. Are you curious about the rewards you can choose from? Check out our rewards page here.

Staples coupons

What is Staples?

Staples is a chain of office supply retail stores with a big online presence too. With over 1500 stores In North-America only and more stores worldwide Staples is the biggest name in the office supplies market. First store opened over 30 years ago, on the first of May 1986. Co-Founder Stemberg actually came with the idea because of how irritated he got that small copy stores never had the critical supplies needed. After buying out a lot of competitors, Staples also had some problems the last couple of years, resulting in the selling of the company for 6,9 billion dollar (!). The buyer is private equity firm Sycamore.

Which items can I buy at Staples?

One of the reasons that Staples exists is that small copy shops never had any supplies the Co-founders needed for their offices. So Staples made sure they wouldn’t run across the same problems these small shops have. The stock of Staples consists of multiple categories, which can be found below.

  • Office supplies
  • Electronics
  • Ink and Toner
  • Furniture
  • Cleaning
  • Breakroom
  • Mail & Ship
  • Print & Marketing

Are these Free Staples Gift Cards legit?

Because this is the question we get asked the most we think it’s important to answer it as good as possible. Yes, all our gift cards are 100 percent legit. We buy our Cards from legitimate registered sources and make sure they work before we send them out. In contrast to all these scamming gift card code generators we want you to get a working code. These websites that claim to have a Free staples gift card generator can’t fulfil these claims because these generators don’t exist. The only thing they want you to do is give them your personal information, or do work for them.

Don’t let these scams get to you. On our website you’re not forwarded to shady external websites and if you have any questions feel free to contact our support centre and we’ll try to help you out.

Legit Staples Gift Cards

Redeem your points for free Staples Coupons

After you’ve completed the offers you wanted to do and made enough points you can claim your first Gift Card. If you want to do just that, you should go to your account interface and claim the code you want. The code will then be sent to you by e-mail. The more offers you complete, the faster you will get to your Gift Card.

Redeem Staples Coupons

How to redeem your Coupon of Staples for Free?

It is really easy to use a Staple Voucher to get your office supplies, check the guide below if  you’re not sure how to use it.

  • Go to
  • Find the product you’d like to use
  • Enter the card number at checkout
  • The card balance will be applied automatically.

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