Free Runescape Membership codes

Free Runescape membership, to unlock all the premium features that come with Runescape. If you become an user with, you can complete offers from our huge database to save for free Runescape membership codes. 

How do we provide Free RS Membership? Well, our reward system is full of third party advertising partners, who will pay for your time and effort. You complete the offer and they pay for the PrimePoints, which are added to your account. If you save up enough PrimePoints you can claim your free runescape bonds that come with the membership.

You might be wondering what kind of offers you should complete. Personally, we recommend to start by downloading mobile apps. This will get your Free Runescape codes blazing fast. Because, you can download unlimited apps and watch the PrimePoints pooring into your account. 

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Runescape membership for free

How to get Free Runescape Membership?

Slaying monsters, killing your enemies and leveling up are all awesome things you can do when you get yourself a Free Runescape Bond. The Runescape Bond will provide you a 14 day access-pass to do all the things you can’t do when you are a free player, which are a lot! However, purchasing a bond in-game will cost you a lot of gold coins. Those things are way too expensive. However,  on you can get a Free Runescape Membership for a longer period on Runescape. That’s right. Here, you can do some easy tasks and we will pay you by handing you a membership of choice. One of our most popular gift cards is the Runescape Membership gift card.  If you want to follow the tutorial on how to get your new free bonds or Runestones really quick. Please, look below:


The steps to get started:

  1. First, you select the green button and sign up with a valid email addres
  2. You will automatically enter the system after signing up.
  3. You will land on the page with the best offers, select a few and complete them.
  4. Login on your mobile IOS or Android Device and the computer to watch different offers.
  5. Complete enough offers to claim your Free Runescape codes

How can I spend my Runescape Gift Card?

Instead of buying your Membership with gold coins and making your Runescape character broke, you know that you can use our Free Runescape Membership Codes or Free Rixty Codes to get premium access. Now, the real question is: Do you want a gift card for membership, or do you want to spend it on something else? There are a couple of things you could use them for, and I will show them to you below.

  • Membership
  • Runecoins
  • Spin packages

Runescape is a very popular Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing game and has a huge base of dedicated players. We also have free gift cards codes available for other MMORPG games like IMVU


Runecoins can be used to buy cosmetic items in Solomon’s general store. In addition to cosmetic item’s you could also buy new titles, achievement banners, new animations and cool emotes. Runecoins can be obtained by selling Bonds as well. But why do the effort? Just use our awesome offers to get yourself free Runecoins.

Spin Packages contain keys which can be used to play Treasure Hunter. Free players will get 1 key per day, while members get 2. Each key unlocks a chest which rewards you with a price which varies in rarity. There are 5 different rarities going from common to very rare. In addition to that there are 8 item categories.

Runescape Gift Cards

Don’t use a Runescape code generator!

A lot of people desperate for some cool free in-game items or a Runescape membership fall in to the hands of smart scammers. Scammers pray on the lack of internet knowledge most people have. We would like to tell you that every person online that claims to have some kind of free runescape code generator is lying. When you’ll work with these scammers you will most likely end up losing your personal information, or a virus on your pc. In the least bad situation you will end up not getting anything for all the offers you did.

Runescape resource panel
Redeem code Runescape

Redeem your PrimePoints for Runescape membership

As mentioned before, our advertising partners pay for your Runescape membership subscription. However, since they pay small amount of money for each offer, you can instantly receive the prize. Therefore, we collect it all and add it to your accounts expressed in PrimePoints. You will get your gift card of choice when you earned enough points. We deliver your Free Runescape codes by email, to make sure things go fast. Usually, we will send the code on the same day, with a maximum of two working days.

How to redeem your Runescape gift card?

It is really easy to claim your Runescape gift card if you follow the step by step guide below.

  1. Visit the Redemption page of the official Runescape website
  2. Select “activate prepaid card”
  3. Enter the unique digital code of the gift card
  4. Select the Package you want to redeem
  5. Choose a package with Runescape membership

Now, you are all set and you can enjoy the premium features of Runescape. However, it won’t take long before your license runs out of time. Therefore, you shouldn’t lose time and start earning for more free Runescape membership.

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