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How to earn Free Riot Points?

You found the right location to start earning Free Riot Points. Everybody is able to save up enough points to claim awesome prices. Including Free RP Codes. When you create an account and visit the rewards page. You can view all the different prices we have to offer. We are your long-term partner to receive awesome gift cards. This is the path you should take, to claim that lol RP you need so bad to purchase: skins, champions, ward skins, rune pages, boosts, bundles or summoner icons in the Riot Store.

Guide to get free RP Points:

  • Click on “Start Earning”
  • Create an account and sign in
  • Complete simple tasks like Downloading Apps
  • Claim your League of legends Gift Card

We offer different values. It is possible to claim a $10, $20 or $50 gift card for League of Legends. Obviously, we also offer the same in euros (€) for European users. Other websites usually start from $20. This is to discourage you from claiming your reward. On the other hand, we want to encourage you to stay with us.

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What are Riot Points?

Riot Points are used as the in-game currency for League of Legends. While the game can be played and downloaded for free. Riot Points are used for in-game micro transactions to purchase cosmetics, champions or summoner icons. You can also use RP to change your summoner name and activate experience or IP boosts. You can’t buy anything in the store, that will give you in-game performance benefits. Only non-performance upgrades like adjustments to the look of your champion.

This is the way Riot Games is able to earn profit from League of Legends. While everyone is able to download the game for free. People tend to spend a lot of money on League of Legends Riot Points to earn status in the game. We know that not everyone is able to afford the money to make in-game purchases. Therefore, we have setup our reward system. We make it possible for everyone to earn Free lol RP.

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What is League of Legends?

League of Legends (referred to as LoL) is developed by Riot Games. This multiplayer online battle arena game finds its origin in the old Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos game. The most popular gaming mode is the Ranked Games 5vs5 in the Summoners Rift. With a team of five it is your mission to destroy the nexus in the enemy base.

There are three different lanes protected by defensive towers and spawning minions. Providing an entrance to the enemy Nexus. Each player controls an unique champion with an unique set of spells to destroy enemy towers, champions and minions. Each lane has a bundle of champions that is best suited to defend that lane. However, every champion can move through the jungle and between lanes to initiate ganks on enemy champions. Forcing a fight to move closer towards the enemy base.

Within the game you can choose to be a Marksman, Mage, Assassin, Tank, Fighter or Support. Marksman is also referred to as an AD Carry. A Mage is often referred to as a AP Caster. Selecting the right campion and role is a crucial part of winning the game. As on a strategical level each champion has it’s unique counter roles and champion. Selecting the right team set-up is crucial to win the game. Some say that selecting the wrong combination of champs will lose you the game beforehand.

Avoid using the RP Generator

We would like to inform you, that there are a lot of sketchy websites online offering a RP Generator. On the websites they claim to offer Free League of Legends Codes with one single click on the button. Obviously, you must understand that such a thing doesn’t exist. They claim to have hacked the League of Legends algorithm. But in reality every single one of these websites is scamming you. Sometimes they let you fill in an offer and leave you with nothing. Other times they are trying to hack your private information. It is best to stay away from the sketchy scummy websites.

Here, you can earn a Riot Points Card the legal and fair way. We don’t promise you the world. We promise you a fair reward system that will get you a Free League of Legends Card within an hour of work. When you claim your reward, you will receive the code the same day to your accounts email address.

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How to redeem League of Legends Codes?

Once you have received your code for League of Legends in your email inbox. You can follow the next steps:

  • Login to your LoL Account
  • Open the Riot Store
  • Click on “PURCHASE RP”
  • Select Prepaid Cards & Codes
  • Copy and paste the code

This is all you need to do, to add the LoL Free RP to your account!

Redeem Riot Points Code
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