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Free Rixty Codes
Rixty Codes for free

How to get free Rixty Codes?

Free Rixty codes are simple to earn at FG-O. This website brings you the options and possibilities needed to gain and get as much free gift cards, like Rixty, as you want! The only thing you still have to do is create an account, complete some offers and you’re ready to claim your Gift Card. Look at the step by step guide below, it will show you exactly how it works!

  • If you want to start earning gift cards the first thing you have to do is make an account.
  • Go to the login page and login to your account
  • Pick out the offers you want to fulfil
  • Claim your Rixty card!

The amount of available offers on our website is huge! You can choose to play games to get points, or simply complete some surveys. There is a certain amount of reward points earned by every offer fulfilled. There is a lot of rewards to choose from, which you can check out at our rewards page.

What is Rixty?

Rixty is a part of MOL, a company that handles over 60 million transactions per year and therefor one of Asia’s biggest payment service providers. This alternative payment system lets domestic and international users spend cash to use in online games, online content and virtual worlds. It’s possible to convert Cash to Rixty in over 500.000 stores worldwide. Because Rixty is very safe and flexible, it helps game developers to get more paying players. Most of the games that accept Rixty payments use micro-transactions and are either free or cheap games. Rixty makes interacting with users really easy for the developers and also increases the monetization of games. Furthermore, it functions as a substitute for other gift cards like the Free Steam Wallet Codes to purchase games on Steam. Moreover, you can convert it on Runescape for Free Runescape membership. Rixty is a convenient gateway to complete payments for many games.

Which games accept Rixty Payment?

As said before, most of the games that use Rixty are free games, or games with a small retail price. These games use micro-transactions to gain enough money to make their games successful. We made a small list below on which you can find a lot of the games that use Rixty:

  • Adventurequest
  • V.A
  • APB Reloaded
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • Combat Arms
  • Counter Strike
  • Crossfire
  • Dota 2
  • Guild wars 2
  • Runescape
  • Smite
  • Soldier front
  • Steam
  • War Rock
  • World of Tanks

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Rixty Codes

Don’t use Free Rixty Code generators

There is a huge amount of scammer websites that want you to use their code generators. However these generators never work and are only there to steal your personal information, make you work for nothing or install viruses. It is impossible to just hand out free Gift Cards in such numbers.

Of course you don’t want your information to be stolen and neither want to do work for nothing. So what you should do is use our fair and legal way to earn some free Codes. We don’t forward you to external websites to make you are safe while doing offers. To make sure you have the best experience we launched a customer support centre where you can go to ask all your questions. Earn points on any device, on the same account!

    Legit Rixty Codes
    Redeem Rixty Code

    Redeem your points to get Rixty Codes

    When you are done doing some offers and want to get your first Gift Card the only thing you have to do is redeem the card you want in the user panel. When done correctly you will receive the code in your e-mail the same day. Do as much offers as you can, so that you can claim the most Gift Cards!

    How to redeem Free Rixty Gift Cards

    Fortunately it is really easy to redeem Free Rixty Card Codes. When you’ve received the code in your e-mail you can use the guide below to get the credit on your Rixty account. Make sure to check your e-mail’s spam box because it might end up there.


    How to redeem your Rixty code to credit on to your Rixty account:

    • After receiving the code in to your mailbox, go to The official Rixty website
    • Log in to your account
    • Type in the code in your account screen
    • You should be done!

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