Are you looking for free PSN cards? Then that might be possible with a Free PSN Generartor. Wrong! Of course that is not possible. Have you ever seen a machine somewhere that spit out free money afater a touch of a button? Let me think. I do not think so. Do you still wonder what a free PSN generator is? Then read on. And fortunately I do not have to disappoint you completely. It is in fact possible to get free Playstation gift cards. But you have to do something for it and it takes more than half an hour.

free psn generator

What is a free PSN Generator?

First, they are scams. It is too good to be true. And for that reason many people believe in it. A bit desperate, but when you want something like free PSN codes. You wan’t to believe it, so you believe it. They are all companies that run on PPC ads. They get paid when you complete a survey for them. And what do you get in return? Nothing. Many people bother to spread viruses, but I have not come across these sites myself. It takes your time and effort, which is bad enough right? But are there only free psn generators? No they make them for literally everything: Netflix, Spotify, Xbox and so on. But you told me that there is a possibility to get it for free? Yes, I will explain it below. Here you see an image of such a generator.

How to get free PSN codes?

Okay, you really want free PSN codes and you are convinced that a free PSN generator does not work. Then it seems that it is not possible in our beautiful world. Yet it does exist! I have to help you immediately from the dream that you have your free ticket in your hands within half an hour. At Primeprizes it is possible to earn many different gift cards, such as: Xbox, V-bucks, Netflix, Spotify and more. But you have to do something for that. For example, testing mobile games and you get points for that. You must have 2000 points to claim a card. It takes more time than a generator then I am aware of. But fortunately it works!


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