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Free PlayStation Network Codes

How to earn Free PSN Codes

Searching for a way to get Free PSN codes? This is actually very easy. On our platform you are able to get PSN Codes for free in exchange for completing simple offers. Before you can start you will need to create a personal account. After you created an account, you will be able to check your progress in the user panel. After completing several offers, you can claim your code right away! Follow the steps below and earn your Free PSN Codes 2018!

Step by step:

  • Create account
  • Sign in to your account
  • Complete offers
  • Claim your PlayStation Card

There are all sorts of free offers available, ranging from app installs to surveys about various subjects. Every kind of offer has a certain value, your point value will be stored in your account. Start earning points today and save enough points so you can claim Gift Cards for the PlayStation Network. Check out all our rewards at our Reward Page. (account login required)

What is a PlayStation Network Card

One thing is for sure, with our method to get a PlayStation Network Card you do not have to leave the door. You can earn a free PSN codes without human verification and order your favorite game, expansion or other cool items from your lazy chair and download it immediately. Within a few hours of work you will be able to arrange a card for PSN. You will receive the code directly into your mailbox. Therefore, you should always use valid information when signing up.


Curious for which features you can use the card?

To add money to your PSN wallet. Once you have money to spend, you can shop for games and more in the PlayStation Store. Read below what you can buy.

What can I buy in PlayStation Store?

  • Games
  • Demos
  • Beta versions
  • Expansions such as season passes or map packs
  • Downloadable content, such as outfits, skins and themes
  • In-game currency, such as Fifa Points or GTA Shark Cashcards
  • PlayStation Now

You can also go to the official PlayStation platforms for all your questions and you can participate in various competitions. So when you really love to Game on your PlayStation, you really need to have an upgraded PSN wallet.

Are these PlayStation Network Cards legit?

Yes, all codes on this website are 100% Legit. In contrast to different scam sites, we actually let you save up for Free Playstation Network codes. No more shady PSN Code generators, no more codes where the last 4 digits remain locked upon completion. This website is trusted, has a 24/7 customer support and pays out even more than any other site out there! Trust us and get your card from a trusted supplier. We don’t send you to a shady external “offer page” but have all offers integrated on our website. You get payed for your efforts by the advertising partners we work with. Start today with earning points and get actually rewarded for your efforts.

Legit PSN Codes for Free

Multiple PlayStation Gift Cards

Redeem psn code

Redeem your points for a PSN Card

Once you have saved up enough points by completing offers and surveys, you can exchange these for a real PSN cards. In your account screen there will be an option allowing you to claim your codes. A real code will be sent to you, which you can redeem in the PlayStation Store. Every offer represents a certain point value. The more offers you complete, the faster you can play your favorite games online!

How to redeem PSN Cards?

When you have received the code by mail, you can redeem it on your PS4, PS3, PS Vita or PSP. Follow the instructions for your console below:

Do you want to redeem your code on the PSP?
1. Go to 'Account Management'
2. Select 'Clear codes'
3. Enter your 12-digit code and select 'Continue'

redeem psn code on psp

Do you want to redeem your code via the PlayStation website?
1. Go to
2. Log in with your Login ID details, after which you will see your Online ID name in the upper right corner. Go with your mouse and click on 'Redeem code'.
3. Enter your 12-digit PSN code and click 'Continue'.

Exchange psn credit on PS website

Do you want to redeem your code via PlayStation TV?
1. Go to the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation TV.
2. Select the option 'Code redemption'.
3. Enter your 12-digit PSN code and choose the option 'Continue.'

redeem free psn code on ps tv

Do you want to redeem your code on the PS3?
1. Select your local user account or log in
2. In the PlayStation Store, browse to the bottom of the left menu
3. Choose 'Redeem codes'
4. Enter your 12-digit code and choose 'Continue'

redeem Playstation network code on ps3

Do you want to redeem your code on the PS Vita?
1. Select your local user account or log in
2. Open the PlayStation Store
3. Go to 'Options' and select 'Redeem codes'
4. Enter your 12-digit code and choose 'Continue'

Redeem code on ps vita

Do you want to redeem your code via the account management website?
1. Go to
2. Log in with your Login ID details.
3. Choose 'prepaid card' under the Account category.
4. Now enter the 12-digit PSN code and click on 'Continue'.

Redeem playstation code as prepaid card

Do you want to redeem your code via the PlayStation app?
1. Open the PlayStation App on your mobile device.
2. Log in with your Login ID details and tap the 'Store' on the top left.
3. Now you go to the PlayStation Store via the internet browser. In the menu at the top, tap
the icon on the right.
4. Select the option 'Redeem codes'.
5. Enter your PSN code and choose the option 'Continue'.


Do you want to redeem your code on the PS4?
1. Select your local user account
2. Press the up key on your control pad to open the 'Functions' menu
3. Go to 'Settings', PlayStation Network, 'Account information', 'Wallet', 'Add money' and press the X key.
4. Choose 'Redeem code'
5. Enter your 12-digit code and choose 'Continue'


Trademark Notice
This page explains that we offer the visitor an opportunity to receive one or multiple gift cards, obtained by purchasing it from an authorized dealer. “PSN”, “PS2” and “PlayStation” are registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. We bear no association to Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. On this page these trademarks are used in a fair way to correctly describe a second-hand, branded item maintained in the original state and condition.

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