Free PSN Codes, how to get them 2019?

Get Free PSN Codes at The online reward system that allows you to get games and codes for the PlayStation Network. Spend your spare time and trade it for PSN money! You can get Free PlayStation Network Codes to spend in the PlayStation Store with your computer, smartphone ( IOS and Android ) or tablet. It was never this easy.

Start earning PrimePoints for PlayStation codes by completing offers from our huge database. This way you can easily obtain a PSN Gift Card Code. We provide surveys for people who love to do them. If you are more fund of video games, go ahead and play some games.  Start earning 2000 PrimePoints and receive Free PSN credit worth $10. When you collect additional PrimePoints the value will increase.

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Get your Free PSN Codes in 2019 the legal way!

You can receive Free PSN codes with a maximum value of $100. If you start off downloading the mobile apps, you can get your first prize within an hour. This ain’t difficult. There is no survey, or no human verification requirment. But you will have to complete offers to earn PSN Codes to spend in the PlayStation Store.

Get games, you can’t afford.

It is our goal to provide a valid and fair reward system where everyone can earn PSN Cards. There must be some games you’d love to have, but  can’t afford. We are here to help you out with that. Create an account and start earning for your Free PSN card! We will send it to your registered email address. Don’t forget to get our Free PS Plus Codes, if you don’t have access to the multiplayer features of the PlayStation Network yet!

Earn Free PSN Codes

How to start earning PrimePoints

We give you a legal and working reward system to get free PlayStation Store Codes. You can add the credit to your PlayStation Account and spend it in the PlayStation Store. You have probably crossed many different websites that didn’t work. But those days are over. We allow you to get PrimePoints for great prizes by:

  • Completing surveys
  • Reaching a certain level in an mobile app
  • Leveling up in an video game for the computer
  • Watching movies and trailers
  • Joining popular giveaways

Altogether, there are plenty tasks available to get you an infinite amount of points. We get fresh offers on a daily basis, so make sure to check us daily. To select the best earning offers for your free psn code, no human verification!

Steps to follow for Free PSN Codes

Click the green button on top to get started. You will be asked to enter your email address to register your account and a password to secure it. Since we will email your Free PSN Gift Card, you should use valid credential to register. You don’t want to lose your prize if we send it to the wrong person.

Once you are in, you will be dropped on the page with our highest earning tasks. Just take a moment to look around and select a few to complete. Obviously, you should start with the higer paying ones. Otherwise, it might just take forever. Mobile apps have very generous payout and are done within a matter of seconds.

PrimePrizes Free PSN Gift Cards

What we know about PSN Code Generators

Let us tell you a story about PSN code generators. Do you know what it is? They are online generator that claim to provide anyone with a PlayStation Network code. Under false claims, they try to lure you into believing their story. Most of the time they mention, that they have found a way to crack the alghorhytms of Sony. Obviously, we all understand that this hasn’t happened. If you want to get Free PlayStation Store Codes, you will have to earn it. 

There is no real website, that just gives them out for nothing. Unless, you participate in a giveaway, but its  a small chance of winning. We created a system that is way better than a generator that doesn’t work. Just complete offers and watch the PrimePoints be added to your personal dashboard. PlayStation is well aware of this issue and even tweeted about it to warn people. 

What is a PlayStation Network Code?

A PlayStation Network Code is used to top up your wallet on your PlayStation Network account. It functions as an online payment system for younger children and people who aren’t able to complete online transactions. It allows you to add PSN credit to the your wallet, to allow you to purchase online games. In fact, the codes for PSN come in a digital and physical form. The Physical form the is regular gift card you probably already know. You can purchase it at gas stations or a game store in any country. The Digital form is comparable, but instead of receiving the whole gift card, you will only receive the code that’s on the back. The latter makes it possible for us to gift you with free PSN Store Code from a distance.

PSN Code on TV

What are the benefits of PSN Gift Cards?

There are a lot of benefits that come with using a code, instead of purchasing your game in a physical store. It is important to realize that using free PSN cards will force you to purchase your games online. This is also where the benefits originate from. First of all, you will never lose your game as it is stored for a lifetime on your account. Second, you don’t have to leave your house and go all the way to the closest store to check if it’s available. Third, you can share the game you have purchased with a friend. You might be wondering if this is real? Yes, you can install an online purchased game on two different accounts. Usually, the purchase also comes with unique discounts that aren’t available anywhere but online. These are only a few of the benefits that come with PSN gift cards.

How is PrimePrizes able to gift free PS4 Codes?

I can imagine that you want some more information before invest time to earn your free PS4 Codes. For this reason, we will explain how we are able to provide the gifts that we are distributing to many of our users. We actually function as the company that bridges the gap between the online user and the advertisers. There are many app developers who’d love you to check out what they made. Moreover, they are willing to pay you for such an action. That’s exactly what is going on here on PrimePrizes. Each offer is sponsored by one of our advertising partners. Each time you complete an offer PrimePoints are added to your account. Subsequently, you can use the PrimePoints to claim free PlayStation Codes from our reward page.

Trusted codes for PlayStation Network

What can I buy with PSN Codes

We already mentioned that you can purchase games online with free PlayStation Network Codes. However, is there more to get? Obviously, there is a lot of other stuff. Think about purchasing expansion packs, season passes,  for games like Call of Duty. Purchasing in-game currencies like V-bucks for Fortnite and Battlepacks in Battlefield 1. For this reason, you can also use it to get downloadable content like skins and outfits. We personally recommend you to use it to purchase PlayStation Now. This will give you access to more than 650 games for the P4, PS3 and even for old-school PS2 games. This way you will invest in a feature that will allow you to play unlimited PS4 games. This is a premium subscription that will actually blow your mind.

Redeem PSN Card

How to redeem a PlayStation Card?

You can redeem your PlayStation card in several different ways. You can redeem the code for PSN on the PSP, PS4, PS3, PS Vita and many other ways. However, we will simply stick to the most convenient way to redeem your free PlayStation code. Activate your PlayStation and do the following:

  1. Login to your own account for the PlayStation
  2. Click on the button with the PlayStation Logo to open the menu
  3. Open the settings page
  4. Click PlayStation Network
  5. Go to account information
  6. Select “wallet” and search for the add money.
  7. Now select “Redeem Code” and enter your 12 digit code

Usually, the credit will appear in your wallet within a matter of seconds. If this isn’t the case, simple wait a few minutes until it is added and you are all set!

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