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Did your PlayStation subscription just end? Than it’s time to collect points by providing your opinion in surveys, downloading apps, playing games watching video’s and more! Afterwards, you can claim your Free PS plus for the PlayStation. 

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How to earn a Free PlayStation Plus Code?

Within a few minutes you are able to start earning a PlayStation 4 Plus Code. Click on the button “Start earning” to create an account. Within your account you can start earning points by completing awesome and fun offers. Within the dashboard you can view the amount of points you have collected so far.

How to start earning free ps plus codes?

  • Click on the earning button above to create an account
  • Sign in with your email address
  • Earn points by completing offers
  • Collect your reward on the rewards page

Every day we are working to select the most fun and interesting offers. When you login, it becomes visible that each offer is assigned a certain amount of points. Once you complete the offer, the points will be added to your account. When you collect enough points, you can claim Free Gift Cards for the PlayStation. Obviously, you can also select one of our other gift cards as a reward.

What is a PlayStation Plus Gift Card?

The PlayStation Plus Gift Card developed by “Sony”, functions as an online currency for the PlayStation Network. Each card holds a unique 12 digits code and value, which you can add to your account. This will unlock several months of access to all the online features of the PlayStation. It provides the perfect solution for people who can’t complete online payments. If you don’t have access to a Pay Pal account or Credit Card this is one of the options you can choose, to start gaming in multiplayer mode!   


Once you have activated the PlayStation Plus Subscription. You will unlock several features that come with the premium membership:

  • Multiplayer mode: Unlimited online gaming with all your games. Battle versus other online players or play with your close friends.
  • Free monthly games: Each month a bundle of games becomes freely available for PlayStation Plus holders. Once downloaded, you can keep playing the games as long as you are a premium member.


  • Awesome discounts: Receive huge discounts on purchases in the PlayStation Store. New games are discounted on regular basis. It will save you a lot of money.
  • 10 GB Cloud Storage: Usually, your saved games are stored locally on your console. With the Cloud Storage you can retrieve your saved games on any PlayStation.
  • PlayStation Plus Hub: Your new area to enjoy all the new features. Communicate with the PlayStation community or enter in an organized competition.


Playing on a console without the ability to play online is very limited. Unlocking all the features above will definitely improve your gaming experience!

Free PlayStation Plus Codes

Avoid using a PlayStation Plus Code Generator

We want to warn you that there are many websites on the internet who provide PlayStation Plus Code generators. These websites claim to give away Free PlayStation Plus. However, in reality they are only trying to get your private information for bad purposes. You should understand that it is impossible to give away free codes without asking a return favor. Remember, If it sounds to good to be true. It might just be to good to be true.

Here, you can earn yourself a Free PS Plus Card the fair and legit way. Instead of searching for other sites who claim the impossible. Where the chances are high to get scammed. We recommend you to start filling out our awesome offers. Because we deliver the code by mail on the same day you claim it.

Legit PS Plus Codes for free

Redeem PlayStation Plus

redeem ps plus gift card

How to Redeem a PlayStation Plus Card?

Once you have received the PlayStation Plus Card from us. You can add it to your PlayStation account. Don’t worry, this will take less than five minutes and it is very easy.

First of all, you will have to login to your PlayStation account. Obviously, if you don’t have an account yet. You should create an account. Within the PlayStation Network you should move the icon of the PlayStation Store and select it.

Now, you will see a sidebar on your left side. Make sure you scroll it all the way down until the “Redeem Code” appears and select it. A new window will appear where you can enter the 12 digits of the PS Plus Card. Click on continue and the months of Free PlayStation Plus are added to your account! You are ready to explore the online world of the PlayStation together with your friends!

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