Free PS Plus Codes in 2019

In need of Free PS Plus Codes? Then you should create an account with PrimePrizes. This will only take a matter of seconds and enables you to get Free PS Plus. Once you have joined forces with us, you can get access to our huge database of easy, simple and fun tasks to complete. These tasks will add PrimePoints to your account, which are used to get Free PlayStation Plus Codes.

We don’t offer a PS Plus Code Generator that doesn’t work. We offer a legal and thoroughly tested reward system that does work. It is highly recommended to stay with us in the long run, as you can get as many PS Plus codes for free as desired. Within an hour of work, you are able to claim your first prize. We will send the code to your email address.

Free Playstation Plus Code
Free PS Plus Codes

How to Get Free PS Plus Codes?

The whole team of PrimePrizes has worked hard to create a pleasant experience to earn Free PS Plus Codes in 2019. First of all, you should apply for an account with your email address. This will provide access to the back-end reward system for our users. Here, you will get access to all our offers to complete. A few examples are:

  • Completing surveys
  • Watching movies like game trailers and cooking videos
  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Playing a game until a certain level is reached
  • Subscribing to fun newsletters to stay up to date.

Each offer shows the assigned amount of PrimePoints you will earn after completion. Altogether, you should reach a total amount of “2000 PrimePoints” to receive a $10 PS Plus Code. This is equal to one month of PlayStation Plus Subscription. You should get our Free PSN Codes to purchase games in the PlayStation Store.

Get a head start with coupons

If you want to reduce the time to earn your first PS Plus gift card. It is highly recommended to get all our free coupons. In fact, you can receive a lot of different coupons by sharing us on social media. You can view all of them on the “Coupons page”. Above all, this way you can get half of the points required for a Free PlayStation Plus Card Code already. This will not only provide you with a great head start but also allows you to collect a plus subscription for the PlayStation. You will automatically enter the PrimePrizes community, to make sure you are updated with the latest changes and events.

Speed up your earnings!

To speed things up, even more, we also provide very convenient methods to earn together with your friends. For example, you can invite your friends to receive 10% of their total earnings. They will make 100% of the earnings and you will receive an additional 10%. You can find your own personal referral link on the dashboard. Team up and start earning for Free PlayStation Plus Codes together! We don’t require human verification and no survey is forced to complete.

Is this safe to use?

Yes, PrimePrizes a safe way to get your free ps plus Cards. We are a real company which goal is to provide you with a safe platform to earn codes. Your account is secured with the highest possible security tweaks, to make sure people don’t run off with your prizes. Moreover, all of the offers we provide come from trusted third party advertisers.

Get a Free PlayStation Plus Code in a fun way

It’s not only safe, most of our users also mention that they enjoy spending their time here. It is important to realize that we only send working PlayStation Plus Gift Cards acquired in a legal manner. This way you are certain that you are not wasting your time. As soon as you claim your Free PS4 Code we will send it within two business days.

PS Plus Cards

Substitute for the PS Plus Code Generator

There are many websites on the internet who claim to have a working PS Plus Code Generator. These websites claim to giveaway free PlayStation Plus. However, in reality they are only using you to make simple money. There is no working concept behind these generators and they’re sole purpose is to let you complete a single offer. You should understand that it is impossible to giveaway free codes without asking a return favor. Remember, If it sounds too good to be true. It might just be too good to be true.

Here, you can earn yourself a Free PS Plus Card the fair and legit way. Instead of searching for other sites who claim the impossible. Where the chances are high to get scammed. We recommend you to start filling out our awesome offers. Because we deliver the code by mail on the same day you claim it.

Trusted Reward System PlayStation plus

What are PlayStation Plus Codes?

The PlayStation Plus Code was developed by Sony and functions as a payment method to access the premium features of PlayStation Plus. The card holds a value of 1 month, 3 months or 1 years of Free PlayStation Plus Subscription. The code exists out serial of 12 unique digits, which can be entered in the PlayStation Store. It provides the perfect solution for people who can’t complete online transactions with PayPal or a Credit Card. The PlayStation Plus Gift Cards can be purchased in physical stores, like gaming shops. However, they also come in the form of a digital PS Plus Code, making them available on the internet. This is also how we provide you with your code for the PlayStation. Don’t confuse this code with free psn codes. With a PSN Code you can purchase games in the PlayStation Store. This is different from Free PlayStation Plus.

PS Plus subcription 12 months
PlayStation Plus Multiplayer

Unlock Multiplayer with Free PS Plus Codes

Once you become a premium member of the PlayStation with our Free PS Plus Codes. Several PlayStation Plus features will unlock for your PlayStation account. The most important feature is the multiplayer mode. It provides you access to PlayStation Network and allows gaming on the internet. This way you can battle against friends and other online players.

Furthermore, each month there is a set of games available to play for free. Usually, they include free PlayStation plus games for the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita. Once you have downloaded the game, it will become free to play as long as you are holder of a PS Plus subscription.

PlayStation Plus Features

With Free PS Plus, you will receive huge discounts on products available in the PlayStation Store. Games are discounted on a regular basis. This will safe you a lot of money!

If that isn’t enough already you will also receive 10GB of Storage in the cloud. If your console only has a limited amount of hard drive capacity saving your games in the cloud offers the solution. Besides, it allows you to load back your saved games on only locations in the world.

Furthermore, you are able to profit from additional streaming services. For example, you can watch your favorite movies and series on the PlayStation with Netflix.

Another feature we’d love to express is the PlayStation Plus Hub. Your new area to enjoy all the new features. Communicate with the PlayStation community or enter in an organized competition.

Playing on a console without the ability to play online is very limited. Unlocking all the features above will definitely improve your gaming experience! Instead of buying it, we recommend you save enough PrimePoints for a PlayStation Plus Code for free.

How to Redeem a PlayStation Plus Card?

Once you have received your Free PlayStation plus Card. You should login on the PlayStation. In total it will take you around two minutes to redeem your PlayStation Codes.

If you don’t have an account for PlayStation yet, we urge you to make one. Once you enter the PlayStation Network you should search the menu for the PlayStation Store. Click on it, the icon looks like a shopping cart.

Now, you will see a sidebar on your left side. Make sure you scroll it all the way down until the “Redeem Code” appears and select it. A new window will appear where you can enter the Free PS Plus code. Click on continue and your Free PlayStation Plus premium subscription is loaded to your account.

Redeem PlayStation Plus Code Online

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