Free PS Plus Codes 2019

Do you need Free PS Plus Codes to refresh your subscription? PrimePrizes offers you a working solution to get PlayStation Plus Membership.

Playing games on the PlayStation isn’t the same without access to the online network. By using our codes for free PS plus, you will unlock all the premium features including multiplayer.

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Free PS Plus Codes 2019

How to Get Free PS Plus Codes?

Getting Free PS Plus Codes was never this simple. The PrimePrizes reward system has been designed to make earning PlayStation Plus as easy as possible.

  1. Create an account
  2. Select and complete offers
  3. Claim the Free PlayStation 4 Code you desire
  4. Receive the digital code in your registered email

Our system doesn’t hold a limit to the number of free codes you can receive. We plan on supporting you for the long-term. It is our mission to make sure that you will never have to pay for a Playstation Plus gift card again!

how to get free ps plus codes

Get access to PlayStation Multiplayer for all countries.

It doesn’t matter in which country you are, you can get access to PlayStation multiplayer with us. Because we adjust the free PlayStation plus codes to your specific region. Moreover, our database includes offers for all countries in the world.

Our best paying offers for PS4 plus target the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, and the Netherlands. If you are living in one of these countries. It will be really easy to get multiple PlayStation plus codes.

It is important to realize, that there are enough offers for each country to get ps4 plus. If you have doubts, create an account and view the offers available for your country.

This way you can view whether your country has enough offers to get your card.

Free PS Plus Multiplayer

Are there limitations to earn Free PS4 Codes?

There are no limitations within the PrimePrizes Reward System to earn Free PS4 Codes. You can complete the following offers:

  1. Download mobile apps
  2. Reaching a certain level in a video game
  3. Watch Movies (game trailers, cooking trailers, etc.)
  4. Complete surveys and more.

You can download mobile apps in a matter of seconds and the payouts are very high. If you wish to just download apps, that’s completely up to you.

Other systems add restrictions to easy offers, to make sure you never earn enough points to claim a code. We want you to earn Free PlayStation Plus Codes with no survey or no human verification requirement.

free ps4 plus codes

Unlock all Premium Features With Free PS Plus

Most people think that PlayStation Plus only provides access to the multiplayer gaming mode. Which allows people from all over the world to play games online. However, there are more premium features that come with Free PS Plus.

List of PlayStation Plus features:

  • Save money with discounts on PlayStation Games purchased in the PlayStation Store.
  • With Free PS Plus Membership you can store saved games globally with 100GB cloud storage.
  • Get a set of Free PS4 games served to you each month.
  • Chat with your closest friends in online group parties within the PS Plus hub.

Keep in mind that PlayStation Plus is always limited to a monthly subscription. Therefore, it is recommended to save up for additional free PS plus cards. To make sure, you never run out of PlayStation 4 plus.

Free Playstation Plus Games

The working solution for the PlayStation Plus Code Generator

The PrimePrizes Reward system is the ideal solution for the PlayStation Plus Code Generator.

While the websites with generators claim to giveaway ps4 plus for free. We actually provide you with a working reward system that will deliver Free PlayStation Plus to your mail.

It shouldn’t come to a surprise that the Free PS Plus Code generator is a myth. People claim they found a hack or glitch and implemented it into a generator. But that’s not the case. Sony isn’t fooled that easily.

Within our system, it might take you a little longer, because you need to earn PrimePoints. However, once you have hit the threshold, your free PS plus gift card will be delivered. In the end, that’s all that matters right?

free ps plus deals and discounts

What are PS Plus Codes?

The PlayStation Plus Code was developed by Sony and functions as a payment method to access the premium features of PS Plus.

 The card holds a value of 1 month, 3 months or 1 year of Free PlayStation plus. The code exists out a serial of 12 unique digits, which can be entered in the PlayStation Plus Store.

It provides the perfect solution for people who can’t complete online transactions with PayPal or a Credit Card. The PS4 Plus Card can be purchased in physical stores, like gaming shops.

However, they also come in the form of digital codes, making them available on the internet. This is how we provide you with a code for PlayStation Plus.

Don’t get confused with the free PSN codes. These codes are used to purchase games in the PlayStation Store. In order to play your games online, you will still need a free ps4 plus code.

What is PlayStation Plus
How to redeem a playstation plus code

How to Redeem a PlayStation Plus Code?

Once you receive your free PlayStation plus card by mail. You activate your console and login to your PlayStation account. Altogether, it will only take around two minutes to redeem a PlayStation Code.

Don’t have an account yet? Please, make one. It’s the first thing they ask once you launch the PlayStation Network. Once you are settled, follow the next steps:

1. Open up the PlayStation Store from the main menu.

PlayStation Store

2. Navigate in the left sidebar and scroll all the way down and click on ‘redeem code’.

redeem codes location

3. A new area appears where you can enter the digits of the PS Plus Code.


Click on continue and your PS Plus subscription is loaded to your account.

You are done!

If the code doesn’t work, you will get an instant error message. Now, start earning more PrimePoints to get your Free PS Plus Codes!

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