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Free Pokemon Go Coins
Pokemon Go Coins for free

How to get Free Pokemon Go Coins?

If you are looking to get some Pokémon go coins for free then you are at the right place! The FGO reward system uses an efficient method to make sure our clients get their gift cards as quick as possible. You can gain points by doing easy tasks like watch video’s, play games, download applications or do quick surveys. In a fun way you are able to collect reward points to claim poke coins for your account.

Start earning today, by creating an account:

  • Click on “Start Earning”.
  • Sign in with your credentials.
  • Login to your account.
  • Visit the “Top offers” and “Home” to collect the first reward points.
  • Claim coins for Pokemon Go.

What can I buy with my free Pokécoins?

Pokecoins are used in the official Pokemon Go Shop to complete in-game transactions. All the transactions will enhance your gameplay and speed up the progress you make throughout the game. Most people who play the game have atleast made one transaction in their life to get some Pokecoins. But here you can earn free pokecoins. It brings real advantages to those who are using Lure Models in the right way. A lure Model is an item that is used to attract close Pokemons to the Pokestop where it is set. When playing with friends people tend to place multiple lure models on the ground at a few close Pokestops, boost themselves with Lucky Eggs to gain additional Experience an start farming and catching Pokemon.

This is just one example on how to effeciently spend your Pokemon Go Coins. There are additional items you can purchase in the shop. We have listed them all below:

  • Lucky Eggs: to gain additional Experience for 30 minutes
  • Poké Balls: to catch more Pokemon
  • Incense: To lure all kinds of Pokemon to placed location
  • Lure Model: Place it on a Pokestop to attract wild Pokemon
  • Egg Incubator: Hatching eggs while walking the meters
  • Bag Upgrade: Get additional storage in your backpack
  • Pokemon Storage Upgrade: Get additional storage to carry up to 50 Pokemon.
  • Clothing and Accessoires: Alter the way your character appears in the game
  • Premium Raid Pass: Join awesome Raid Battles and catch the best Pokemon
Pokemon gift cards

Don’t use the Pokémon go coins generator

The internet is full of websites that offer Pokemon Go Coins Generators. Remember, that these websites are full of bullshit. They claim to have hacked the algorhytm of Pokemon Go, with the ability to add unlimited coins to your account. Obviously, this isn’t possible and people are simply looking for an opportunity to scam you. You might expose your account, end up with malware and you won’t get a single coin in return for your actions. They profit from the unexperienced young internet users who fall for these low life tricks.

Therefore, we recommend you to join the FGO reward system. We use a fair pay out system to make sure our clients are happy. In addition to that we have a 24/7 support center where you can ask your questions! You won’t get your code immediately, but it won’t take long. You only have to do a couple tasks to get a huge boost of your reward points!

Legit Pokemon Go Coins
Redeem Pokemon Go Coins

How to redeem your free Pokémon coins?

It is really easy to add free pokecoins to your account. You can play Pokemon go on IOS and Android so there are 2 ways to get it done depending on what kind of phone you use. It is already possible to claim your gift card from a value of $10.

Free Pokemon Coins for Android:

  1. Visit the “Earn Prizes” page
  2. Select a Google Play Gift Card to claim
  3. Wait for our email with the digital code
  4. Claim the Code in the Google Play Store
  5. Login to your Pokemon Go Account
  6. Make the purchase for Pokecoins

Free Pokemon Coins for IOS

  1. Go to the “Earn Prizes” Page
  2. Claim an iTunes Gift Card
  3. Wait one or two business days to receive the code
  4. Redeem the code in the App Store
  5. Sign in on your account for Pokemon Go
  6. Purchase Pokecoins

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