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How to earn Free Netflix Gift Card Codes

So, you are looking for Netflix Premium access for free? Then you landed exactly on the right place. We offer you a method to get a Free Netflix Gift Card Code. On our platform you can earn Gift Cards by completing offers. You will receive points for filling out surveys, app installs or other simple tasks. You can claim a Netflix Gift Card after earning enough points.

Which steps do you have to complete to get a free Netflix Account?

  • Create account
  • Sign in to your account
  • Complete offers
  • Claim your subscription for Netflix

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What is a Netflix Card

The Netflix Gift Card is back, this card has been away for a while due to fraud sensitivity, but has been in circulation since 2015. Besides the fact that this is the perfect gift, you can also keep it for yourself, since you can earn it for free by us.

The principle of the Netflix Gift Card is very simple. You exchange your points for a card and then redeem it on the Netflix site. This way you get a free Netflix subscription for a number of months. The account remains active until the moment that the credit is used up. Sign up now and earn points so you can stream all your favorite movies and series!

what are free netflix codes

Don’t use the Netflix Account Generators

There are a lot of ‘Netflix account generators’ out there on the deep dark web. Who claim to provide a free Netflix account. We really recommend to do not use these scams. These websites claim that they generate a free Gift Card for you. You just have to do them a small favor. You have to leave your personal information and they will probably install a virus. Or, they make sure you're stuck with a mobile subscription that costs you a lot of money. All these websites with special generators who give you the first 8 digits are fake and do only work for the developer.

Our trusted system provides you with the best payouts out there. Yes it will take some time. But at the end, we will provide you with real Gift Card Codes.

Legit Free Netflix

What is Netflix and how does it work?

Netflix is a company based in America that provides streaming services, so you can watch films and series whenever you want. Worldwide there are people who use the service. It is a great service. No more advertising blocks and watching your favorite TV program, documentary, series or film when it suits you. The company was founded in 1997 and is based in the state of California.

Which features does Netflix provide:

  • Streaming on demand
  • Watch Series, Documentaries, movies and TV-Programs
  • Download movies and watch them offline

Netflix is constantly innovating. There are new developments every month. New Series and movies or improvements of the platform.

Supported devices:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Iphone, Ipad
  • Android devices
  • Tablets
  • Apple TV
  • Wii
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox 360 and Xbox One
  • Chromecast
  • Mediaplayers

How to redeem Netflix Gift Cards?

If you want to redeem a Netflix code, make sure you are logged in on the correct Netflix account. It would be a shame if you exchanged the code on a wrong account.

Redeem Netflix via the browser

Now your Netflix code is redeemed, you can watch movies and series from your lazy chair.

Redeem Netflix Code

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