Free Minecraft Gift Codes

Free MineCraft Gift Codes, to get all premium membership features in Minecraft. Welcome to You are on the right location, if you are looking for free minecraft gift cards. We offer a highly valued reward system where you can complete offers, for money. The money is translated into PrimePoints. These points are used to claim free minecraft codes that will give you access to the Minecraft Java Edition. 

This will provide you with access to the online multiplayer features of Minecraft. Which, is a must have if you play the game. Furthermore, the free minecraft account will unlock all Minecraft servers. One top of that, you can start playing together with your friends. 

Don’t wait any longer and get access to our huge selection of premium offers to earn free minecraft gift codes!

Free Minecraft Gift Codes
minecraft gift codes for free

How to earn Free Minecraft Gift Codes?

Minecraft is the game with the most total copies sold, selling more than 144 million copies in early 2018. The game was designed by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, and later finished by Mojang. In Minecraft players can do and create endless things. There are no specific goals to accomplish, all though there is an achievement system. The game normally costs around 20 dollars to buy, but we figured out how to make sure you can get a free Minecraft  premium account.

Within our reward system you can complete simple and fun tasks to get free minecraft gift cards. Playing games for 10 minutes, downloading apps, participating in surveys. You can select what suits your interests. On completion you will earn PrimePoints. Add sufficient PrimePoints to your account to claim a free Minecraft gift code.

How to get started:

  • Create account by clicking “start earning”.
  • Login with your credentials.
  • Start collecting points in the reward system.
  • Claim your own gift card for Minecraft!

How can I get a Free Minecraft Premium Account?

Minecraft gift cards were introduced after fans had trouble buying the game online. Not every single person has access to an online payment system. They needed to add a feature that made it possible to buy the game in a store (offline). The solution was found with the gift card. The code on the back, can be used to unlock the game in full and enjoy its endless possibilities. Eventually, it is just another option for people to download the full game. Which is referred to as a Free Minecraft Premium account. Minecraft isn’t the only game we provide free codes for. You can also get Free V-bucks Gift Cards for Fortnite and you can get Free Riot Points Codes for League of Legends.

minecraft gift card codes

Don’t use a Minecraft gift code generator

The internet is full of webowners claiming to have a Minecraft gift code generator. They ask you kindly to fill in your personal details and offer free premium access in return. However, it should be clear that, I’ve tried all of them and none of them work. No real company will be able to give away unlimited premium accounts with a value of $26,95. Imagine, they will go bankrupt within no time. That’s why we are doing it differently at

We offer an awesome reward system where you can spend your free time to earn gift cards. You can start collecting reward points on every single device, with the exact same account on any location in the world. Third party advertisers will pay for your efforts, we repay you with a code to get all the premium features in Minecraft including online gameplay.

Legit Minecraft Codes

Redeem reward points for Free Minecraft Codes

Once you have collected 4000 Reward Points you should visit the “Claim Prizes” page. This page becomes available once you sign up. Here, you search for the minecraft premium gift card and select it. We will send out the code (s) through e-mail so you don’t have to wait or leave the house. Usually, this will be done within one or two working days. Our reward system exists out of short tasks, which can be completed in minutes. Moreover, we strive to have the highest payouts around on the internet. We don’t imply restrictions on offers, as soon as you get the desired amount of PrimePoints to get free minecraft codes. You will receive your code within a day.

How to redeem your Free Minecraft Account

Once the code is delivered in your mail. You can redeem your Free Minecraft Account by following the link we have posted below. This will send you straight to the location on the official Minecraft website to redeem your free minecraft gift codes!

  1. Visit
  2. Create a Mojang account or login to your existing account
  3. Redeem your card
  4. Choose your username & Download the game. That’s it. You are all set.

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