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Macys Coupons for free

How to earn Macy’s coupons for free

In desperate need of a wardrobe refresh? Don’t look any further. You are on the right page to earn yourself some gift cards. Do some small tasks for us and we will reward you with free gift cards. Its that simple! Want to figure out the basics? Check the step by step guide on how to get free gift codes below to get started.

  • Create an account
  • Sign in to your account and take a look at our offers.
  • Complete offers until you got enough points for a Gift Card
  • Claim your Free Gift

You can start right now and make points the easy way. Don’t miss any of these cool offers and begin earning. We got a huge variety of different gifts which you can check out at our rewards page.

What is Macy’s?

Macy’s, owned by Macy’s incorporated is an American department store chain.  At this moment they have over 660 stores. The most impressive store is flag ship store Herald Square in New York. This store has been there for more than 115 years and features more than 1.1 million square feet! Estimated value? Over 3 billion! In 2015 Macy’s had the largest amount of retail sales in the USA Department store branch. In 1858 the first store was opened by Rowland Hussey Macy. Now over 150 years later Macy’s is still going strong and still has a huge presence in the American cities.

What can I buy at Macy’s?

You can find a wide variety of items at Macy’s. That’s not that strange if you think about the huge amount of shelfs they have to fill every single day. In addition to clothing and accessories, Macy’s has a lot more to offer. If you want to find out what kind of products you could get at Macy’s, check the small list below!

  • Women’s clothing
  • Men’s clothing
  • Home
  • Bed & Bath
  • Kids Clothes
  • Enfants & Babies
  • Jewellery & Watches

Coupons for Macys

Are these Free Macy’s Gift Card codes legit?

This is our most asked question by far. All the codes we sent out are checked before-hand and get bought at registered sellers. In contrast to a lot of these scam websites we are looking to build long term relations with our customers and appreciate all the offers that get done by you! That’s why our pay outs make sure that you don’t have to spend more than a couple of hour to get rewarded. Don’t get fooled by websites that claim to have a card code generator or stuff like that, these things don’t exist. They lurk on vulnerable people that are in desperate need of money and make them work for nothing or get their information stolen. We feel as it is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen to our customers. If you have any further questions on this topic or any other, feel free to contact our customer support.

Legit Macys Coupons

redeem macy's Coupon

Redeem your points for a Macy’s Gift Card

After you did some offers and got the hang of it, you can get your first free Gift Card very quick. You can exchange your points for a gift card of choice. You can check out all of our rewards on our rewards page. After you’ve chosen the reward you want, you can claim it. After that it will be send to your e-mail address the same day. If you complete more offers, you will obviously gain more points.

How to redeem your Free Macy’s Coupon Code


It is really easy to use your Macy’s Voucher after you’ve received it. The step by step guide below will show you exactly how to use it to get yourself some fresh gear.


  • Go to
  • Find the products you would like to have, and put them in your shopping cart
  • Go to the check out
  • Use the code at check out and receive your discount!

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