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Free iTunes Gift Cards are ready to be taken home. We are proud to present our reward system that allows any online user to save for a Free iTunes Gift Card. Unlike, most other websites we only deliver the promised. This holds that we are asking you to use your spare time on In return, we will email you with working a legal and working Free iTunes Cards.

I can imagine that you are wondering how this works. Let met explain, all over the world we have connections with all advertising companies. We added them to our system and they pay for your Free iTunes Gift Card Codes. Each time you complete one of our offers, the advertisers adds money to your account. We hold the money until there is enough to pay you at least $10 Free iTunes Money. 

Collect PrimePoints for Free Itunes Codes

Our database has a lot of fun and easy offers you can complete. The best part about it, is that 95% of all apps, games and surveys should be finished within a few minutes of work.  Each time you complete an offer, PrimePoints are added to your account. The PrimePoints can be exchanged for Free Itunes Codes anywhere in the world. We make sure that the code is usable in your country.

Free iTunes Gift Cards
free itunes gift card codes

How to get Free iTunes gift cards?

Most of us could probably name at least one album that they always wanted to get. But, you just didn’t have the money to afford it. Free Itunes Gift Cards provide the solution. You will  never have to pay for your favorite iTunes music ever again! How do we do this?

It’s simple, start earning PrimePoints on this website by doing easy & quick tasks. For each task you complete, a number of points are added to your account. Once you have saved enough, you can claim a gift card for iTunes in the dashboard. We’d recommend to enter the system on your mobile phone first. You can login with your computer with the same account. You will get many credit by downloading apps and you can download around 10 apps in a few minutes. This alone will get you your first $10 prize.

How to Create an account?

  • Click on the button to start earning
  • Fill in a working email address and make a password.
  • That’s it. You have your account.

It is recommended to start earning your points straight away. You can find all them listed within your personal dashboard. We provide the most viable solution to earn free iTunes codes. Combine the tip we mentioned above with our coupons you can acquire by sharing us on social media. This way, you can actually get your first Free iTunes Money worth $10 in 30 minutes of work.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a digital media player where people can listen to audio and video files, but also download music, television shows, audiobooks and podcasts. In 2013 the mile pole of 25 billion downloaded songs was crossed by the program! You can easily manage your music in the iTunes library and it’s also very easy to look through and find the music you collected years ago. Use cool features like creating your own playlist to make sure you can listen to your favourite music when- and wherever you want. You can do this by getting sufficient Free iTunes Credit, here on! If iTunes isn’t your favorite music streaming service, you can also stream music on Spotify by converting your PrimePoints into Free Spotify Premium for several months of worldwide free music.

iTunes was the first digital software program to work across multiple devices. With the same iTunes account, you are able to access your lists of your favourite Apple products. Through the cloud your iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook are connected all over the world. Since all the data is stored on your online account. Apple can serve your stored content to any device, on every location in the world. Thus, you can easily retain the information on your holiday. While you saved the music list at home on your desktop.

Using the products and services from Apple comes with a setback. It is very expensive since you will have to make a payment for each movie or music song. While the competition already provides you with a monthly subscription. In this case, you can use our service to unlock Free iTunes Cards. You can spend it to purchase your favorite songs. Sometimes, it happens that iTunes doesn’t have all the music you desire. For this reason, we have added a gift card for Deezer so you can get free Deezer premium for an unlimited amount of months.

What are Free itunes codes

What is an iTunes gift card?

iTunes gift cards can be used for multiple purposes in the iTunes store. You can use it to fill up your iTunes wallet with credit to spend on iTunes. With an inventory of over 45 million songs you will always have something to listen to and to buy with your new-earned Free iTunes money! Music, Movies and more. Everything you want you can find on iTunes without ad breaks!

Now a day, iTunes is compatible across a variety of operating systems. Instead of being strictly compatible to IOS. This holds that you can also operate iTunes on your Windows computer.

Don’t use an iTunes gift card generator

If you are a smart person, you should stop trying iTunes Gift Card generators. They are pure evil, created to make money for the owners. You won’t see a single dollar coming your way. I am certain of it. These websites claim to give you working iTunes gift cards for free. However, they fool you into doing a survey or redirecting you to shady websites, without paying you anything. Don’t get fooled by them, it’s just a bunch of codes, that simulates the process. If you use an iTunes code generator online, you might get duped for serious money. Be very careful.

Free itunes codes legit

How to redeem your iTunes codes?

Redeeming a iTunes gift card code is very simple, if you follow the path we have set out for you. There is no human verification needed. Make sure you use the right data while doing the steps. You don’t want someone else to receive your hard-earned gift card.

  • Download iTunes to your device by choice
  • Open up iTunes
  • Press redeem
  • Fill in the code of 16 numbers
  • Press ready

Now your Free iTunes Gift Card Code is added to your iTunes Balance. Go out and get some great movies or music!

Redeem iTunes Code

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