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Free Imvu Credits, offers the best online platform to get them! Imvu is a very popular game and in order to purchase premium items you will need IMVU Credit. It is not uncommon that people don’t feel like spending real money in a game. However, we have created an online reward system where you can complete offers in return for a free IMVU Gift Card. 

You can watch awesome game trailers for PrimePoints, which can be converted into IMVU Prepaid Card Codes. You can also download mobile apps, or complete surveys if that’s more your thing. All these tasks will earn you PrimePoints on your personal profile. Once you have earned at least 2000, visit the prizes page in the dashboard. Here, you select and claim your first Free IMVU Gift Card Code. 

Earn a Free IMVU Gift Card Code on any device

The amount of free money for Imvu will increase as you collect more PrimePoints. It is important to realize, that mobile offers usually pay more and take less time. For this reason, it might be wise to get your first Free IMVU Credit Codes with your IOS or Android smartphone. You can use the same account to enter with your mobile phone and computer or tablet. Don’t forget to get the coupons for sharing us on social media. You will get a different coupon for each social network you take part off. Usually, this will get you halfway your first payment of Free IMVU Credits. 

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Imvu Credits for free

How to get Free Imvu Credits?

If you are looking to get your avatar fresh with the newest gear but don’t want to pay a dime, you are on the right address. Our methods will make you gain Imvu Credits very quick. Look at our step by step guide below to find out how you can earn all the Gift Cards you want.

  • First you have to create your account
  • After you’ve made your account, you should sign in
  • Go to the offers page and complete some
  • After you’ve completed enough offers redeem your Gift Card

You can claim your earnings right away after you’ve earned enough PrimePoints. You can also choose to spend your points for a wide variety of different Free Gift Cards for games like Fortnite Free V-bucks or Runescape.

What is Imvu?

Imvu is an online metaverse website founded by J’Myla Mayhue in 2004. Imvu is a MMORPG and was backed by a lot of investors back then and turned out to be a great success. Members of the Imvu universe use 3D avatars to Chat with people, meet new Persons, create Stuff and play Games. In 2014, ten years after launch, there were over 4 million active players. The catalogue full of player made items exists out of more than 30 million different items!

A lot of people think that Imvu is short for something, but it is actually not. It doesn’t stand for anything. Imvu has its own currency that could be used to buy something from the largest virtual goods catalogic with over 30 million different products.

Imvu credit gift cards

Don’t use the Imvu Credits Generator

There are a lot of desperate people online that want to scam innocent people looking for a quick buck. There aren’t any businesses that will just hand out Imvu Cards for free. Neither are there any companies with so called Imvu gift code generators. These things don’t exist and are only made to steal your personal information and your time. They want you to fill in Surveys without paying you anything for your time.

We feel as it is our responsibility to not only warn you for these scammers, but also to make sure that we give you honest pay outs. It will take a little bit of time before you have your first Free Gift Card, although it won’t take more than a couple of hours of easy work. After you did your offers you will get your working Free IMVU codes in your e-mail the same day. If you have any problems or want to report a bug. Please, send us an email.

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Redeem IMVU Credits

Redeem your points to get Free Imvu Credits

After you’ve gotten all the points you need it is really to redeem these in to a Gift card. To complete our tasks you don’t have to visit shady, external websites. All of our offers are integrated. We make sure that you don’t have to do too much offers before you can get your reward. Redeem your points now and you will get a code this week!

What can I buy with Imvu Credits?

Because Imvu is a whole virtual world, there is a lot to do on this platform and also a lot to buy. You want to find out what you can get for free by using our Free Gift Cards? We’ve made a list for you below listing things that you can buy with your new made Imvu Credits. Want to find out which specific gear you can get? You should take a look over here

  • Stickers
  • Avatars
  • Furniture
  • Men’s Clothing
  • Women’s Clothing
  • Haircuts
  • Accessories
  • Bundles

How to redeem your Gift Card to add Free Credits to Imvu?

After you’ve redeemed your points get in to your e-mail quick and find your code. Make sure to check out your spam box if you can’t find it. Take a look at our step by step guide to find out what the steps are to redeem it.


  • Choose the Free Imvu Gift Card and claim it
  • Now, check your E-Mail
  • Found the code? Log in to your Imvu account
  • Redeem the code in to your account
  • Spend your Free IMVU Credits

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