You’ve landed on this page because you’re looking for a free google play codes generator, right? And maybe you’ve already been on a google play code generator website. And it could just be that you have already tested one. In the latter case you have come to the conclusion that they are fake. And did you not test them? We warn you that they are fake. Are there no other ways to get free Google Play codes? Of course there are, I will tell you how you can get free Google Play codes! But first i will explain how the scam works.

How does the Google Play code generator (not) work?

A whole bunch of people are looking for free Google Play credit. And want to complete easy assignments in order to get a code. Beware! Because you want something free you can easily be trapped. Always remember the following. If it seems too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true.

Free Google Play code Generator Steps

First you are led to a page where they tell a fantastic story about Google play. Often it is about the gift cards from Google Play and that you normally have to pay for it. But at the site where you happen to be, everything is free and you only need to complete a human verification and you already have a free Google Play gift card. Would this work? Are these such wiz kids that they can hack the database of Google and then also activate the code for you? Sounds like a pretty wild story.

free google play code generator step one

The second step of a Free Google Play code generator

Are you too curious whether it would work. Then you have arrived at the second step. Now you can finally try the Google play generator, yeah! Enter your email address, they need it to make it look real. It is just a javascript where the simulator is put into operation. Your email will not be saved. And they are not going to send your free code.

free google play code generator step two

The third step of a Free Google Play Code Generator

You are almost there! You have to do another verification and then the code is for you. at least that’s what they want what you think. I want to emphasize again, this is a scam and it does not work! Coincidentally they have been able to generate the entire code, but there are still a few numbers missing. You can unlock it by completing a task. Uhum, they call it “Human Verification” of course;).

free google play code generator step three

The last step of the Free Google Play Code Generator

We are at the last step. This is where the scam makes money. You leave your phone number and think you will get a free Google Play gift card. But what happens? You are stuck with an subscription to which this website earns money. And do you then receive your gift card? Unfortunately, they do not send them. In fact, they do not even have that. This is the way to lure you inside.

free google play code generator scam

How can you earn real Google Play Codes?

Is it not possible at all to earn free Google Play codes? Yes, it is possible, but this does not work within 5 minutes as the scam sites say. PrimePrizes, is a site where you can earn points for completing simple assignments. For example, downloading an app, playing to a certain level and you get points for that, with which you can earn free gift cards. You create a personal account where you can see all the offers and you get a dashboard with the overview of your points. Below you can see exactly how it works. Do you want a Google Play Gift Card, But dont you want to do little work? Then I advise you to buy one.

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