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Free Eve Online Plex Codes

How to get Free Plex Codes for eve online?

Are you ready to travel through space and willing to discover all the planets? Then you are on the right website. On this website you can get Free Isk or Plex to improve your Eve Online Life. And it is really easy to do so. Do some simple tasks on our website and you will get your Free Gift Card within a couple of hours. You want to see how to earn Gift Card Codes from your lazy chair? Check the small step by step guide below to find out how:

  • First you create an account
  • After you did that, sign in to your account
  • Complete offers until you’ve earned your own Gift Card
  • Pick a Gift Card you want, and redeem it!

What is Eve Online?

Eve Online is a MMORPG which takes place in space. The game is developed by CCP Games and published in 2003. There is a huge amount of places to explore and things to do in Eve online. More on this later. The game has been beloved by many because of its scale and complexity. In this game players can compete economically, warfare and politics. You want an example? Once there was a big battle called the Bloodbath of B-R5RB, this 21 hour during conflict involved over 7000 players and had an in game cost of 11 trillion ISK, which had a worth of 300.000 dollar back then.

Eve Online Plex Codes

Don’t use a Free Plex Generator

There are a lot of young people desperate for some Free Gift Cards or in-game items. That’s why scammers tend to lurk on the internet waiting for them. These people claim to have generators whom can burst out working codes. This is a lie of course. The only things these people want is your personal information or that you’ll do free work for him. If you go to these sites you unfortunately won’t gain anything but a lot of spam. That’s why we think it is important to implement our offers in to our website so you don’t have to visit shady external websites. In addition to that, we have the best pay-outs for our offers and you can also get in to contact with our live customer support to answer any questions you might have.

Legit Eve Plex Codes

What can I do whilst playing Eve Online?

Whilst playing Eve Online there is a bunch of different activities you can play part in. As I told you a second ago there is a huge possibility for every player to have influence in the world. The Bloodbath I just talked about happened simply because of an unpaid maintenance bill which made it possible for other coalitions to attack.

If you don’t feel like shooting at other ships all the time, don’t worry! Below is a list of other awesome things you can do whilst playing Eve Online.

  • Mining
  • Piracy
  • Manufacturing
  • Trading
  • Exploration
  • Combat (PVP)
  • Combat (PVE)

Redeem Eve Online Plex Codes

Redeem your points for Free plex in Eve Online

After you did your first few offers, it’s about that time to redeem your first Gift Card. You can simply go to our rewards page and redeem the Gift card you’d like to receive. After you did so, you can get your code in your mailbox. Thank god you don’t have to wait for the mail man do you. Do some easy offers, get your Gift Card and spend it!

How to Redeem your Eve Online For Free?

It is really easy to redeem your Plex after you’ve received enough points and the guide below will show you step by step.

  • After you’ve received enough points, Choose to redeem Plex
  • Open up your e-mail (make sure you fill in the right information, you don’t want someone else to get your Gift Card)
  • Log in to your Eve Online account here and go to your account management
  • Type in the code you received
  • Drag the Plex to the character you would like to add it too
  • You’re done!

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