Free Ebay Gift Cards

Free Ebay Gift Cards, where never so easy to get. On, people from all over the world come together to get a free Ebay gift card. We know that there are many people just like you, looking for way to avoid spending money. Today, you finally found a system that is making all of this possible. 

When you signup with PrimePrizes, you will receive your own personal dashboard in the back-end. At this location, you will find a high variety of fun & easy offers you can complete for free ebay gift card codes. No survey is required, but we do offer a high variety of surveys. On top of this you can watch movies, download apps and play all kinds of video games.

Earn PrimePoints for Free Ebay money 

We are a legal company that offers our users the ability to earn free ebay codes in an online environment. The money of advertising partners is expressed in PrimePoints. The main currency on our platform. The PrimePoints can be exchanged for your free ebay money. 

Therefore, it becomes possible to purchase a high variation of products through Ebay without spending a single buck. The great thing is that we don’t ask for human verification in the end. You simply complete the offers in our database, while our advertising partners pay for your actions. The money is stored in your account until you can claim free ebay money codes starting at $10. 

Free Ebay Gift Card
Ebay Gift Cards for free

CHow to get free Ebay Gift Card Codes?

Before we launched this website, it was pretty difficult to get free ebay gift cards. However, we have succeeded in developing an online reward system that is here to help you out. For instance, you’ve just found a great jacket in an auction on, but you are running low on money. Instead of begging for a gift card to friends and family, why not earn them yourself?

The tutorial

Look at the simplified steps below to learn how to get some Free Ebay Money.

  • Get your own unique dashboard by signing in
  • Unlock the social coupons to get some free PrimePoints. (optional)
  • Login to your account select one of the “offer walls” (there are many)
  • Select the offers and complete them for PrimePoints
  • Earn “2000 PrimePoints” for a $10 Free Ebay Gift Card Code.

I hear you asking yourself, well what are those offers you talk about then? That’s all up to you. You can choose to fill in Surveys, watch Video’s, download Apps or subscribe to Newsletters.

What is Ebay?

Ebay started as a company named The Auctionweb which was founded in 1995. Computer programmer Pierre Omidyar founded the website as a small part of a larger personal website. The company explained that they wanted to create a perfect market where buyers and sellers could come together. What started as a side hobby turned into a real business, when his internet service provider told him he had to get a business package because of the high amounts of traffic to his website. Which led Pierre to charge people whom products were sold on the website. Auctionweb changed into Ebay in 1997. A year later, when Ebay went public, Owner Pierre Omidyar became an instant billionaire. The company acquired a lot of other companies in upcoming years like iBazar (online auction site) and Paypal in 2002.

How does Ebay make money?

Ebay makes money by using an complex system of different fees. Most of the money comes in from final Value fees. These fees are 10 % of the total sale prices most of the times. Listing upgrades are also really popular on the website, which helps the company make a lot of money!

What can I buy on Ebay?

Because everybody can place items to sell on Ebay, the supply of goods to buy on the website is huge. Therefore you can use the free ebay cards provided by us, for any purpose. You can buy anything from electronics, fashion, collectibles, sporting goods to cars and houses. Ebay also has a reputation for selling rare or weird products. A couple examples are clippings of Justin Bieber’s hair, Justin Timberlake’s Half-eaten French toast, Ad space on someone’s forehead and a suit of armor for a guinea pig.

Everything is sold on ebay

However, what takes the cake is the story of Ian Usher, This Englishman sold his entire life on Ebay for the amount of 384.000 Dollar. This included a meeting with his friends and a two week trial on his job. In addition, the happy buyer also got a house, a car, a motorcycle and a jet-ski. Quite the deal don’t you think? Now, you can even purchase things without actually paying. So start earning for your free ebay gift card codes online

Ebay Gift Cards

Don’t use an Ebay Gift Card Generator

We would like to inform you that there are a lot of scammers preying on people who would like to earn some easy money. You can’t trust these Ebay Gift card Generators because they don’t exist. These websites have the sole purpose to make money out of letting you complete offers, without offering a repayment for your efforts. That’s why we recommend everybody to have some patience and save up points to get your Free ebay gift codes in our reward system! Yes, it will take you some time, but because of our huge supply of offers you can gain points very quicky. We feel as it is our responsibility to make people realise that there are a lot of shady people on the internet.  You have to look out for yourself. Or, stick with us.

    Legit Ebay Gift Cards
    Redeem Ebay Gift Card

    How to redeem your points to Free Ebay Codes?

    It is really easy to use your points and to redeem your very own Free Ebay Codes. However, sometimes it can be quite hard to find out the correct way to redeem a code. That’s why we made a small step-by-step guide below. you can use it, to find out how to use your Gift card to buy products on Ebay.

    • First you have to go to Ebay
    • Log in to your account
    • Enter the 13 digit code at the checkout of your products
    • Finish your check out
    • You’re done!

    Just make sure you use the free ebay gift card to you purchase something you really want. You can always collect some extra points in your spare time. You can use the same account on your mobile device.

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