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How to get Free Deezer premium?

On our platform you can complete easy and quick offers which when completed will give you reward points. Your Free Deezer premium account will be available after you’ve earned enough points. At this moment there is only one thing holding you back from getting your points up, which is that you don’t have an account yet. Check our step by step guide to find how you can get your Gift Cards quick.

  • Create an account
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  • Find the Gift Card you would like, and redeem it
  • Enjoy!

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What is Deezer?

Deezer is a music streaming service developed by Daniel Marhely in 2006. With over 14 million active users and over 53 million licensed tracks the service is a serious competitor of big brother Spotify. The service is available on all devices and operating systems. Content on the platform comes from record labels like Sony, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group. Deezer has made a lot of smart moves in its 12 years of existence. For instance they had very successful partnerships with Orange, Samsung and Google. Below we will show you the differences between Deezer and Apple Music.

What is deezer premium

Deezer, Apple music or Spotify?

All of these streaming services have pros and cons but overall people tend to prefer Spotify over Deezer Music and Apple Music. Spotify has been around for about the same time as Deezer. If you need more information about Spotify you should look over here. This isn’t strange since Deezer has been around for 12 years and Apple Music only for 3 years. Deezer is available in almost all countries (182 out of 192). Deezer also has a build-in lyrics function and personalised radio, which plays music based on your favourite songs. In addition to this, Deezer also has a free plan which gives you limited access to the music with adds. Apple music has a very beautiful design, custom made playlists, synchronisation across devices and Siri integration.

The cons of Deezer are quite simple. Deezer pays artists less per stream then Apple Music which makes Apple Music more attractive to the artists. In addition to that there is a problem with songs being cut at the end and therefor missing the final cord on the platform. Some cons in regards to Apple Music are that there is no free plan available, the app is quite buggy and the UI is poor.

Don’t use a Deezer premium Code generator

There is a huge amount of scammers on the internet as many of you know however in our line of business there is awful lot. Because we want to make sure you guys don’t fall for these scams we would like to explain them. For instance there are people whom claim to have Deezer premium account generators. This is of course a lie, no company will just hand out free codes like that. People who claim to have one of these generators often want you to complete offers just like us, but won’t pay you anything! In other instances they even go as far as stealing your personal information or give you a virus!

Legit deezer premium for free
Redeem Deezer Code

How to redeem your Free Deezer premium Codes

After you’ve completed some offers you will be able to redeem Deezer Premium for free. This way you don’t have to pay for Deezer. Go to our rewards page after you’ve earned enough points. After that you can select our Deezer Gift Card and redeem it. After that you’ll find your code in your mailbox. It’s as easy as that!

How to use your Deezer premium Codes?

After you rushed in to your mailbox to find that fresh code, I will show you how to redeem your code to get your Free Deezer Premium membership.

  • Open up your mailbox and find your Gift Card Code
  • Go to
  • Type in your code and press the ‘submit’ button
  • You’re done

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