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How to earn free Bitcoins?

Most of the times when someone says that you can get free currency, it’s understandable you are a little on-edge. Because most good things in life aren’t free. With our reward system you can profit from easy and fast tasks. Here, you can choose which tasks you want to do and when you want to do them. If you feel like doing surveys, you can choose to do so. You can also choose to watch some videos or play games! Every time you complete a task, a fixed amount of points will be added to your account. Eventually, you can exchange your points for free bitcoins directly to your wallet! If you would like to learn how to get free cryptocurrency, you can look at the step by step guide below!

  • Start off by making an account on our website.
  • After you’ve got your username and password, login to your account using them.
  • Choose a task you would like to complete
  • Earn points, save them up and get your own Gift Card!

Our advertising partners appreciate the opinion of consumers so much that they are willing to pay a small fee just for you to give your opinion, watch or play something. We pay out a big percentage of that fee to you directly through earned points. No need to visit shady external websites or give up all of your information to random people! All our offers are integrated in to our own website to make sure that our customers are protected.

What are bitcoins and where can I use them for?

Bitcoin is an experiment, developed by scientists and specialists. In 2008 the concept was first described in an article, soon it turned out to be available in the beginning of 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. This is a pseudonym so nobody really knows who or whom is behind the bitcoin.

Bitcoins are a form of electronic currency which makes it possible to exchange funds or items without the interference of a bank. The currency is fiduciary which means that the value is solely based on trust in the coin and the developers. And before this scares you, don’t forget that the US dollar and the euro are fiduciary too. Because nobody knows who is responsible for the bitcoins nobody. Moreover, nobody knows what the philosophy or end goal behind the coin is. The coin started out with a value as high as the average costs to use the software. Now in 2018, the coin had his ups and downs but everyone suddenly realised the potential of the coin.

There are a lot of people that made huge amounts of money trading Bitcoins. Therefore, it is now possible to wire money cheaply, safe and without interference of the government. In the past, it was easy to get free cryptocoins by cryptocurrency mining with computer power. Since the development of the bitcoin, mining has been the reason for the coin to expand so quickly. Bitcoins are commonly used to invest and speculate, but also as a great way to send payments internationally in a safe, anonymous and cheap way.

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Are your Bitcoin transfers legit?

Yes, all our bitcoin transfers are 100 % legit. We make sure that our bitcoins are transferred quickly and safely. Because the Cryptocurrency market in general is really new there is a huge amount of people who don’t fully understand how cryptocurrency work. But do want to invest in it. This makes it easy for people with bad intentions to mislead or scam people. In addition, cryptocurrencies are mostly anonymous which makes it hard to act and prosecute offenders. We feel that is our responsibility to warn the people for these frauds. There is no easy way to earn bitcoins for free instantly, because if there were, everyone would be doing it!

There is no such thing as a bitcoin generator and everyone who claims to have one is trying to scam you.

Legit Bitcoins for free

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How to redeem your points for Bitcoin?

After you’ve earned enough points for your pay out you can get your first payment directly. The way we do this is really easy.  We made a small step by step guide below that will show you exactly how it’s done.

  • When you’ve reached the amount of points needed to redeem your first payment you need to go to your account
  • Select the amount of Bitcoin to take and fill in your details. (There are possibilities to get paid out in other crypto’s, checkout the cryptocurrency charts to evaluate the options)
  • We will send you the free BTC to the Bitcoin address entered in your account.

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