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Welcome to the number one location in the world to get Free Apple Gift Cards. Apple is a huge company and we all know that their prizes are pretty expensive. Obviously, this has something to do with the fact that they market themselves as a premium brand. Therefore, you can get a Free Apple Gift Card Codes by converting offers on 

As soon as you join, you will find an overview of our large database filled with premium offers. You can literally complete all of them and get hundreds of dollars of free Apple money. However, if you want to keep it on the low. You can select a few of them and complete them to get sufficient PrimePoints for a smaller prize.

Buy apps with Free App Store Gift Card Codes

We deliver Free Apple Codes with a value starting at $10 and no more than $100. If you earn more than $100 we will send multiple codes. You can add the credit to your Apple account and spend it on applications, movies and music. In fact, you can use the free app store gift card codes to purchase in-game currencies for all the freemium games and apps that allow in-game purchases on IOS.

Free Apple Music Gift Card
Free apple music codes

How to get Free Apple Gift Cards?

We all know those awesome songs we would like to hear when we want, where we want. Unfortunately for most people, it is too expensive to get Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. And because a lot of artists choose to only put out their work on one of the streaming services it’s very hard to make a choice. Well you don’t have to pick one anymore because you can get a free app store gift card here. Moreover, you can get gift cards for additional apple services like the Free iTunes Gift Cards to watch movies, download e-books, watch television and many more!

What is Apple Music

Apple Music is a streaming service found by Apple to compete with streaming service Spotify. The Apple Music service is the first service made by apple that is also compatible with Android. You can use the application to play music by using internet. Apple tries to distinguish themselves from Spotify by creating extra, exclusive content. For example you can use the app by giving commands to SIRI. In march of 2018 Apple let us now that the streaming service now has over 38 million paying customers. In addition to the streaming service Apple also made an internet radio station called Beats one. This radio station is available 24/7 in a 100 different countries. If Apple isn’t your brand, you can always choose to watch your movies on Netflix instead of iTunes with the Free Netflix Gift Cards available as one of your prizes.

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Don’t use a Apple Gift Card Generator

We want to warn you for online scams some websites try to pull on desperate people in need of some quick cash. Apple Gift Card generators don’t exist and people that claim they do, are scammers. They are only interested in free labour, your personal information or your bank account. So don’t fall for these scams. If something sounds too good to be true, it is most of the time. Some people get fooled out of a serious amount of money by using these generators, in their search for Free Apple Money.

On our website you can simply get free Gift Cards by doing small tasks and stacking up your PrimePoints. It will take a couple of hours but won’t be very time consuming or hard to do. If you have any further questions, let us know. Otherwise, start earning for a free apple card code straight away!

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Redeem Apple Music Free

Redeem your PrimePoints for a Free Apple Gift Card

It is really easy to get your Free Apple Music Gift card after you’ve earned enough points. I’ll learn you how to exchange your points for an Apple Music Subscription for free! After you’ve earned enough points you can go to our reward page and find the Gift card you want. If you want the Apple music card select it and redeem it. After that you’ll find the code in your e-mail inbox the same day!

How to redeem your Apple Gift Card

Okay so now you have your code, how do you go further? Don’t worry, check the list below to find out.


  • Open up the iTunes store, app store or Ibooks
  • Go to the featured tab, and tap the redeem option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sign in with your apple ID
  • Type in the code of the free apple gift card and you’re finished.

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