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Free Amazon Gift Cards, to save yourself some money while shopping on Amazon. We know that there is a lot of things you’d love to purchase on Amazon. But in most cases, you won’t have enough money to afford all the products. Therefore, you can get a Free Amazon Gift Card on 

The PrimePrizes reward system includes a huge list of fun tasks to get Free Amazon Codes. Almost all offers can be finished within a minute. This includes, watching short movies, filling in surveys or downloading apps. Each time you complete an offer PrimePoints are saved on your account. You can exhange the PrimePoints for Free Amazon Gift Card Codes. 

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes
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How to earn free amazon gift cards?

If you need some extra credit for Amazon, Free Amazon Gift Card Codes are the way to go. You can use it to get a discount on all the products offered on PrimePrizes. In life most things aren’t free or effortless. However people might not realize that a little bit of effort can take you far! For example, by just putting a little effort here on PrimePrizes you can get Free Amazon money. It is recommended to start downloading mobile apps. This can be done on IOS and Android and will provide you with a huge load of PrimePoints.

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Guide

  • Let’s start off with signing in for an account
  • Now, login with the credentials you created.
  • Allocate to the “top offers” page in the dashboard.
  • Collect PrimePoints and claim Free Amazon Gift Codes

Our advertising partners care a lot about your opinion and time, Therefore, they pay a small amount of money for you to fill in a quick survey, watch a video, download an app, or play a certain game.  We offer a large amount of varying offers, to make sure that there are plenty offers aligning with your personal interests. For the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and European countries, the offers are endless. It also works in other countries, but it might be harder to find enough offers for a Free Amazon Gift Voucher.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an American company based in Seattle. It got noticed because it was one of the first big companies that sold their products on the internet. In the beginning they only sold books, but later they found out that other products also worked well on the internet. As of 2018, Amazon had a total product amount of over 560 million! With a turnover of 178 billion last year. Following the fact that owner Jeff Bezos, is the richest man in the world, you could say Amazon is doing great. And they are. Amazon found a way to become the biggest and to keep on growing. Next to selling products they are always busy with expanding and doing other interesting stuff like creating Alexa or buying Whole Foods!

With over 500.000 employees it’s hard to realise that Jeff Bezos started his company in his garage. His garage couldn’t keep up with the fast growing of Amazon. As we speak, all the Amazon warehouses together are as big as the Madison Square Garden times 700! Not only can you buy almost everything on Amazon, you can start selling items too! With over 137 million active customer accounts you will always find someone that is interested in your products.

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Don’t use a shady Free Amazon Gift Card generator

On this website we offer real tasks that when completed will reward you with points. These points eventually add up and will give you a gift card of choice. Don’t get tempted to use a Free amazon gift card generator because we can tell you, they don’t exist. And if people claim they do have one they are lying to – a. steal your information or b. make you work (fill in surveys, click on ads etc.) without paying you anything in return. We think that is ridiculous and feel as it’s our duty to inform people on these scammers. We let you save up for your Amazon Code. Yes, it will take a little amount of your time, but trust me, it won’t take that long. In the end, you will be able to claim all kind of gifts.

Legit Amazon Card Codes

How to redeem an Amazon Gift Voucher

When you did a couple of tasks and got the hang of it. There comes a point where you can redeem your first Free Amazon Code. If you don’t know how it’s done yet. Just watch the short tips we summed up below.

How to use it on Amazon:

  • First you go to your account
  • Click ‘Apply a gift card to your account’
  • Enter the code and press ‘Apply to your Balance’

If you need some more information about redeeming your Amazon Gift Card you can look here. If you choose to get an Amazon card, make sure you tell us in which country you live so we hand you at a card that works in your country. An American Amazon Gift Card for instance doesn’t work in the UK and vice versa. Now, that you purchased your product on Amazon. Continue earning PrimePoints for your next Free Amazon Gift Cards.

Redeem Amazon Gift Card Code

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