Fortnite being sued


According to the news, Fortnite is being sued for copyright infringement by rival firm Bluenote in South-Korean court. Well this news surely send a shook through some gamers across the world. So where does this come from? PUBG developer Bluehole says Epic games infringed on their copyright by making Fortnite so ‘similar’ to PUBG. In this blog we will go through the case, if it has the potential to reach a settlement and also speculate what the consequences will be for Fortnite.

What does copyright infringement mean?

The definition of this term is that people use copyrighted work without permission, and there for infringing certain rights or profits from the copyright holder. Most of these cases are resolved by negotiating a settlement, starting a take-down process on the infringers work or litigation in civil court. Terms that are used a lot in these kind of cases are theft, freebooting and piracy.


Why is fortnite being sued?

is fortnite being sued

The setting of the lawsuit is South-Korea, which could have

consequences for the availability of Fortnite in this country. The accusation? Bluehole, the developer of PUBG, says that Fortnite creator Epic games is being sued because they copied their weapon designs and user interface. A weird fact is that both of the games are built on the unreal engine, which is owned by epic games. Fortnite’s Battle

Royale mode was released six months after PUBG so they were the first of the two coming out. However there were more Battle royale games out already, like the Dayz mod for Arma 2 and H1Z1. If you look at how good Fortnite is doing compared to PUBG it is no wonder they are pissed. Instead of bettering the game, they try to reach their goal of being the number one battle royale game in court.

Do they have a case?

One of the issues that Bluehole is bringing to light is that they asked the founder of the Battle Royale Game-mode for help while making PUBG. Epic games didn’t do so. However if that’s the only thing, I don’t think they will find success with this lawsuit. Fortnite and PUBG are very different in how they look and how you should play them. You could make the case that they both are very alike because of the game-mode. They both feature 100 persons in a map and one sole survivor. But using that logic, Doom and Wolfenstein could sue all other shooters because most of them have been influenced by those two games. Therefor we think that PUBG chose the wrong way to try to win their players back. If they would create weekly updates, and fix the bugs plaguing the game instead of focussing on a lawsuit, we think they could get their number 1 position back.

Will there be any consequences for Fortnite?

It’s unclear to say for now if there is going to happen anything to Epic games and Fortnite. We personally think that there will be no to little consequences for Fortnite. This because we don’t think Bluehole actually has enough proof to successfully sue them for copyright infringement.

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