Fortnite V-Bucks are a currency like Euros, Dollars or Pounds. This in-game currency allows you to buy epic in-game items in the Fortnite item shop: rare skins, outfits or even legendary Llamas are all within reach once you have enough V-Bucks. So why wouldn’t you want to get them? There are several options when you want to become a rich Fortnite player, read further if you want to know them all!

Buying V-bucks

The easiest option is to buy your V-Bucks in the Fortnite in-game store, in the Microsoft store (for Xbox one) or in the PlayStation store. You can buy different ‘package deals’: the more V-Bucks you buy, the more you will get for free. So when you play a lot it could be a good idea to buy a large number of them at once.

Buying V Bucks

The prices for V-Bucks are the following:

10 euro (or 10 dollars) – 1000 V- Bucks

25 euro (or 25 dollars) – 2800 V-Bucks (2500 + 300 for free)

40 euro (or 40 dollars) – 5000 V-Bucks (4000 + 1000 for free)

100 euro (or 100 dollars) – 13500 V-Bucks (10000 + 3500 for free)

However, you need to watch out: be sure that you buy the V-Bucks in either one of these stores, because there are lots of scams going on with V-Bucks. Many websites seem to have a very tempting offer or even give away V-Bucks for free, but these options are most of the time too good to be true. So be cautious; you could lose your Fortnite account or your money when buying them on the wrong website.

At Primeprizes you can also get free V-bucks, but Primeprizes is a recognized partner of the Gift Card industry, so you know for sure that the free earned V-Bucks with primeprizes are 100% legal.

PlayStation (and X-Box) players under 18 are supposed to have a children’s account, which always has to be supervised by an adult. On the children’s account no money can be spent, unless it is linked to an account for adults. On this account limits can be set up for parental supervision, the maximum time to play and money to spend for the children’s account.

So if you have a children’s account and want to go for this option you should always discuss that with the supervisor of your account: on your own you cannot buy V-Bucks in the PlayStation store.

How to get free V-bucks

But hear this: instead of digging deep into your pockets, you can also just earn the V-Bucks in the game without having to pay anything. And who doesn’t like free cash? Okay, in order to get an unlimited number of V-Bucks for free you should have the Save the World module, which costs 40 euros (or dollars). Of course, this is quite a lot of money with which you could buy thousands of V-Bucks as well, but with this one-time investment you can win as much V-Bucks as you like! In the free module Battle Royale there is an upper limit of only 200 V-bucks (1500 if you buy the Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks). Sometimes Epic Games introduces a special, temporary module in Fortnite Battle Royale, in which you can earn more V-Bucks as well. One example of such a module is Solo Showdown, in which the best 100 players worldwide could earn thousands of V-Bucks. But to get that far you have to, besides being a really good player, have played at least 50 games in the module, be at least 16 years old and often have to have set up your Fortnite account before a certain date (usually a few days before the temporary module starts). And as these modules are only available a few days, chances of really earning lots of V-Bucks are quite small.

There is no upper limit to the number of V-Bucks you can get for free once you have Save The World, so you can become rich just by playing a lot. You can win V-Bucks by completing the Battle-Pass challenges, by logging in daily in Save The World for a number of days in a row (the Login Rewards), by completing daily quests (like Daily Destroy, Daily Scouting, Husk Extermination, Storm Chaser, etc.), by completing Storm Shield missions, and by completing timed missions. With each of these options you can receive around 50 V-Bucks per quest, but by repeating them many times you can earn quite a lot!

So, now you know what to do when you want that Legendary Llama in your pocket. Again, please do not try to get V-Bucks in any other way than discussed here: by using hacks you could lose your account, and by buying V-Bucks on shady websites you will probably lose your money without getting anything in return.

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