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Call of Duty Blackout Tips and Tricks – Survive COD Battle Royale

by | Dec 6, 2018 | PlayStation | 0 comments

15 great tips to play Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

In this blog you will find several Blackout tips that are of use for both new players as for experienced battle royale veterans. These tips will possibly be expanded once we gain more experience and knowledge.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 raises the bar for exciting multiplayer mode with tactical gameplay and choice of different characters. The game offers a new level of online action with a variety of new weapons, maps and modes. For the first time, the Multiplayer acts as the center of the storyline, when players explore the role and unique playing style of each Specialist. With the return of the Pick 10 Create-a-Class system and a new Gear category, the gameplay becomes more personal than ever, with players having the choice of equipping their Specialist. Combined with the ability to unlock scathing Scorestreaks, players can be strong on their own or unbeatable as a team.

Read in our blog 15 tips to become a better player in Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout.


Blackout tip 1 – The Razor Wire should be valued more

The Razor Wire is, in some cases, one of the best items in Blackout. If you stay a house or a room for a while it is very useful to place this Razor Wire at an entrance. Besides that, it is easy to shoot as it cannot move.

Usually experienced players do not fall for this trap, but that could also be an advantage for you. An enemy that detects the wire will not try to enter through that door or window. This means that you have to guard fewer entrances. When they choose to destroy the Razor Wire it makes a lot of noise and sells their presence.

A sneaky way of using the Razor Wire is to put it in a window. The Razor Wire will automatically be placed in the window instead of on the floor. Of course, this is a nightmare for any enemy jumping into it.

You can logically also use the Razor Wire as a distraction. If you place one in a building, especially at the end of the game, players usually assume that someone hides in that building. Therefore, you can also hide outside and eliminate your enemies when they are trying to find a safe entrance in the building.

razor wire COD 4

Blackout tip #2 – Golden weapons are not actually gold

Golden weapons are good, but keep the following in your head. They are no better than the normal version of this weapon. The only difference is that good atachments for that weapon are already confirmed. You do not have to search for this. But if you have a weapon in your hand that does more damage than the golden weapon that is there, I would leave it.

golden weapon

Blackout tip #3 Vehicles lose HP out of the zone

Blackout really does not like it when players park their vehicles outside of the safe zone. If you are still outside of the blue circle it might seem tempting to quickly grab a vehicle, but you should actually not do this.

Vehicles might be faster, but outside of the circle they also get damaged pretty easily. So, it could be the case that your four-wheel vehicle or chopper simply explodes while you and your team are in it. Of course, this results in an immediate and embarrassing death.

Movement speed in Blackout is high and the map is not too large, so you do not always need vehicles anyways. Besides that, it is not always clear in which state the vehicles are that you find: sometimes a vehicle seems to be about to collapse while actually having little damage, or the other way around.

blackout vehicles

Blackout tip #4 Sniper headshots are instakills

Rather than being a real tip, this is more of a message of general use. Still, you should not forget about this. In Blackout headshots are already lethal in general, but when using a sniper rifle they are really something to fear.

Only level 3 armour could protect you from one-shot headshots, but these are so rare that you should always take into account the fact that an opponent could have pointed a sniper at you. Bullet drop is also not that huge so gamers that are used to Call of Duty will not have too much trouble collecting those headshots.

Of course, this could also be an advantage; if you are that Call of Duty-veteran. If you see a standing target you should pick up your sniper rifle and aim between his eyes, before finishing the job with another gun.

In squad games it could also help to assign one sniper. Even if the sniper misses target, it is still a good distraction that gives the rest of your squad the opportunity to attack sideways.

sniper cod 4 blackout

Blackout tip #5 Do not forget your perks

Perks in the game mode blackout give you an advantage over the competition. Perks, for example, give the opportunity to walk outside the storm, stalk an opponent or a more endurance. There are also perks that let you better heal or make you hear the opponent coming in better.

If you do not use perks you can better drop them. This gives you space to pick up other perks that you want to use. But it is best not to pick up perks that you do not use anyway.

 Take for example the perk looter. This is only useful at the beginning of the game or when you do not have weapons or bullets. Nice, but if you play with friends they can also tell where everything is.

When you never walk outside the circle, outlander does not want to carry you. Like brawler, it is useful in very few cases.

 perks cod 4

Blackout tip #6 – Know the difference between healing items

Blackout has a simpler healing system than what you are used of in Fortnite and especially PUBG. You do not have a shield or whatever which you have to take into consideration.

There are no boosts either. With as well bandages as med kits you can go from 1 HP to 50. The only difference is how much you need of that to get that far. Bandages refill 25 HP, and med kits give you 50 HP.

Trauma kits are very rare, but also more powerful than these. This is the only item in the game that can give you a maximum of 200 HP. This is 50 HP more than the starting number of 150. If you find a trauma kit, you should definitely immediately use it. 50 HP extra is a huge benefit in a firefight, as it eventually always comes down to having to have more health than your opponent.

These are the only three items that you should take into account. But bandages and med kits are on a large scale available, so your real question should be how much space you want them to fill up in your inventory.


Blackout tip # 7 The map is smaller than you think

Developer Treyarch was correct when stating that Blackout would have the largest Call of Duty map ever, but compared to Fortnite and even the smallest map of PUBG, this map is not really big.

However, that does not mean that there is nothing to do; on the contrary. In practice a smaller map means that you have more to say about where you drop, and the smaller space guarantees more action for sure.

A flight route through the middle of the map can give you the opportunity of almost reaching the whole map. This also means that you have to fly longer and that an efficient drop is harder to do than in other battle royale games. Keep practicing until you are completely capable of dropping, flying, and landing.

The map is smaller, but the number of players is still huge. Therefore, the popular spaces are even more crowded than in other games. Besides that, the smaller map also encourages camping, as the circle catches up on you faster.


Blackout tip #8 – Do not play with a restricted NAT

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 does, like in former editions, take into account your NAT-status when you play offline.

A poor NAT-status has little influence on your connection during a Blackout match, but it does have an effect on the pre-game lobby. If you notice that people cannot connect with your lobby or that you cannot join theirs, you should definitely check your NAT.

Moderate NAT is usually fine, but restricted NAT could often cause a lot of trouble. Players that use a mobile connection usually cannot change anything, but whoever plays through broadband connection can. Open NAT is of course the best option, but is not always possible and strongly depends on your setup.

If your console or PC is connected with the internet through WiFi, always use a wired connection, because WiFi sometimes causes NAT-issues that you can only resolve through a fixed connection.

In general you can resolve a restricted NAT with a port forwarding. You have to set up the specific gate that Black Ops 4 uses. How you do this is different for every device, so check the manual of your router for help.

It is not impossible to play with a restricted NAT, but you can expect some strange undesirable effect when playing with your friends.


Blackout tip #9 – Defy zombies, but watch out

Killing zombies is a good way to quickly obtain good gear in Blackout. Every zombie you kill drops an item, from attachments, healing items, ammunition or grenades. Therefore, it is sometimes of use to go to a zombie location. But keep in mind that this is a risky thing to do; it could take a while before you defeated all zombies, and other players can of course hear your gunshots. Besides that, they will know your exact location through the light bundle in the air.

Without a doubt, you will get the unwanted attention of other players. Some will wait outside until you defeated all zombie, while others will try to get an easy kill while you are in the middle of fighting them off.

Zombies are not easy to defeat anyways, and if you encounter a boss fight, it will take even longer. However, for all of this effort you will get special loot chests that you cannot find anywhere else.


Blackout tip # 10 – Use your glider during the match

Just like the parachutes in the Battlefield-series, players in Blackout can make use of their gliders during the match. It is the same glider as the one you use to land at the beginning of every match. The trick is, however, that you can only do this when jumping from a decent height; like places as the dam in Hydro Dam, or the tower that is being built in Construction site.

To use the glider, you do a run-up and you keep the jump-button pressed as soon as you leave the ground. When you do not keep the button pressed you will easily drop down to your death, which could be quite awkward. So, if you do not want to take the risk, you can use stairs or an elevator.

glider during match

Blackout tips #11 Combat Axes are also one-hit kills

One of the most satisfactory things In Blackout is throwing a Combat Axe and even hitting someone. The Combat Axe is just one part of the large Equipment base that you can find in the game, but it is the most lethal one: if you manage to hit someone with the Axe, they are eliminated immediately.

Of course, your timing has to be good. Besides that, you have to take into account the fact that your Combat Axe will fall down in the throw. It will not go that far, but the good news is that you can pick up your combat Axe and try again right away. If you get killed by an axe of an opponent, you have to know that this person is either really good, or just had a huge amount of luck.

combat axes

Blackout tip # 12 – Be creative with equipment

Blackout contains a large range of multiplayer items that can as well be used in attack as in defence. What to do with the different types of grenades and the Combat Axe is clear, but what about the rest?

In previous versions of Call of Duty and other game modes was the possibility to turn on the radar. This is not possible with blackout. However, there is a sensor dart. This shows a small piece of the map and you can then find your opponent. When you attach this to a vehicle, you can still find many people. Fix it on a helicopter for example, especially if you play in teams, this is a good tip.

The RC car can also be used as a scouting tool , but can be even more effective in combination with a sensor dart. Players are so used of being killed be RC XD’s in the previous games that they will automatically walk away or will try to destroy the RC car.

This version in Blackout will not explode, but once your opponents find out about that your team members will already have had plenty of time to eliminate them.

Furthermore, another peel that you can use. You can use this in several ways. You can hide behind it and shoot your opponent. But you can also put it on a tactical spot so that you roast the opponent as it passes by.

All players know what an item does, but not everyone is capable of reacting as fast on what actually happens. When an opponent cannot see scouting tools like the sensor dart and the RC car they will also not know what eliminated them.

Of course, it is frustrating to be the receiving party of such tricks, but that is the nature of the game after all. With plenty of training you can actually get on the winning side in these matters and use them in your advantage.

blackout equipment

Blackout tip #13 – Always pus a strong healing item in your quick slot

Blackout allows players to choose two items they can activate by pressing a button. One of them is equipment, and the other is a healing item. Healing is visible at the left side of your character portrait, while lethal is on the right.

You should always pick your strongest healing item equipped. In a heated gunfight you would want to be able to refill as much HP as possible. However, changes are small that you will have time to use four or five bandages. You will probably have not time to check your inventory and pick something either.

When you are not in a hurry to heal in a moment, like when you just beat an opponent, you can put your bandages back in the quick slot and use them. Once you are finished you can switch back to a med kit, in case you have it.


Blackout tip #14 – Always try to stay in the white circle

In Blackout, just as in other battle royale games, it is best to always stay in the white circle, as that is definitely the safest way to play the module.

It is possible that the session will not be as great in that way, but staying in the white circle means that you have more time to react to others or to changes in the white circle. Maybe the circle even closes on your location, which would be the ideal situation.

You can certainly hang around between the edges of the blue and the white circle, but at least try to be prepared to be able to return anytime. The players that are not in the white circle in time are the easiest targets, as they have to avoid your bullets and get at the right spot at the same time. They are distracted, and therefore are an easy target.

Logically, this means that you should not hide in a toilet the entire time (except for when you like that of course), but the chance that you will be caught by an opponent in a bad situation is smaller if you prepare well. So, lesson learned: as soon as a new circle arises, get out!

white circle

Blackout tip #15 – Use free-look during your drop

With L2 you can look around you freely during your fall. Do this to see if anyone is near your country. What can also be a good tactic is that you are not the first country to see where most people land. This gives you a better overview of the game.

free look around

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