Since the day that Fortnite Battle Royale came out it was very popular. The popularity of this game only increased with the months and it’s now the most played and streamed game by far. With its player count only going up and updating the amount of weapons we can use constantly, we thought it would be a good idea to make a blog about the best weapons to play with in Fortnite. We will go across all the weapon categories, and pick a weapon we recommend for every category.

Fortnite Battle Royale Assault Rifles:

Fortnite Assault Rifle

In the Assault rifle category there is one weapon that’s just a lot better than the other weapons and that’s the scar. It has the highest damage and DPS of all the assault rifles and therefor is the rarest. When using it against other weapons it strives the most on short to medium and medium to long range. With a clip of 30 bullets you will have enough bullets to get the drop on your enemies. When it comes to range the Scoped Assault rifle is a very good weapon to continuously keep pressure on your enemies.


If you need a gun in addition to your assault rifle you might choose to get a submachine gun. But which? You can go for a suppressed submachine gun or a tactical one. And then there is the minigun as well. If you look at the DPS the tactical submachine gun wins. However the submachine gun has a silencer and a higher damage per shot. The minigun can shoot up a person’s fort really quick. Our advice would be to not stress to much about the submachine gun category. Can you get a blue suppressed submachine gun take it with you. The same counts for the tactical submachine gun. If you are playing squads or duo’s and feel like your team could use something to ruin someone else’s fort, pick the minigun.


Fortnite Pistol weapon

There are 4 pistols to choose from in this game. 2 of them are really good to use at longer distances which are the Hand Cannon and the Revolver. These high powered pistols can really surprise the enemy with a swift shot to the head. The other 2 pistols are really effective at surprising people at short distances. These pistols are the regular pistol and the suppressed pistol. The suppressed pistol has a higher damage and DPS than the regular pistol and comes with a suppressor of course. The Hand Cannon has a higher damage than the revolver, with a shorter reload time. Therefor we recommend using the Hand Cannon over the Revolver, and the Suppressed pistol over the regular Pistol.


All Fortnite Battle Royale Shotguns

If you look at shotguns the most important things are DPS and damage. If you got a high enough damage like the pump shotgun gives you and feel comfortable about not missing any shots I recommend using the pump shotgun. However the tactical shotgun has slighter damage but has a high DPS. This makes the shotgun very interesting. Choose the shotgun that matches your playstyle and skill level the most and skip the heavy shotgun as much as you can.

Sniper Rifles

Fortnite Battle Royale Sniper

There are at this moment 3 snipers to choose from. 2 of them have a scope and one of them hasn’t. Because of the low damage and the lack of a scope the hunting Rifle is our least favourite sniper. The bolt action has the potential to kill somebody with one shot while on full health quite easy. It’s really hard to get these big hits while playing with a Semi-automatic sniper. However the fact that its semi-automatic makes it quite fun to use. All though the Semi is fun to use, we recommend using the Bolt Sniper Rifle because of the High Damage.

Explosive Weapons

Fortnite Battle Royale Grenade Launcher weapon

And now we are going to check out the explosive weapons. Explosive weapons are great in every situation basically. Grenade launchers are very effective to chase someone down who is building as if his or hers lives depends on it (it does). If somebody builds a lot of walls around him or herself, it can be devastating for their match if you pop some grenades in there. RPG’s are also very handy. You can use them to blast someone from above for a quick kill. If somebody pushes you, you can use it to quickly damage or kill him/her. The Guided missile used to be in the game as well which was very overpowered in our opinion, because you could fly it around like a plane. If you want to rip open a team’s base and want to blast them to their ends we recommend using a grenade launcher. If you get pushed or want to get a quick kill on someone below you we recommend you using the RPG. They are both great weapons to use and carry. If you have a bunch of Rockets and come across both of them why not carry both?

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