In the section we collect a number of new and noteworthy apps/games for android that have been reviewed in the past week. In addition, you will find here all updates of known and lesser known apps back. In short, read!

Pocket City

Pocket City

As a player of Pocket City you will be bombarded as mayor of your own brand new city that you have to build from scratch. You see your city grow from an average hamlet into a metropolis, at least if you survive all the obstacles that the game throws you into the lap. The ‘law of Murphy’ is absolutely your greatest enemy throughout your career. If your city is without running water, you can expect complaining residents soon. If you ignore the problem a little too long, your residents will be happy to take their bags.

Google maps go

Navigation for Google Maps Go

This app includes voice navigation for the Google Maps Go app. This app includes the same navigation quality as in the original Google Maps, but is specifically designed for better performance on devices with low memory.

google assistant

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is a very comprehensive, voice-driven help. You can not only ask the Assistant questions, but also give assignments. Sometimes the Assistant offers support himself. This way, he can warn you in the morning when there are traffic jams on the way to work, or alert them to upcoming appointments. There are also many ‘Actions’ developed by other companies. So you can ask DHL if your package is already delivered.

The Assistant is automatically available on all Android devices, but with this small app you get a handy shortcut on your homescreen. This is nice if you do not want to call ‘OK Google’ every time, and prefer to tap an icon to use the Google Assistant.

Look, Your Loot!

Look, Your Loot!

In Look, Your Loot! dive into dungeons like a little mouse. These dungeons consist of a grid of cards in which you are one card. You control the game by sliding to a connecting card. If there is an enemy there, his attack points will go off from your life points. If you find shields or potions, you gain points.

In addition, there are special cards with, for example, magical spells. The goal is to get as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible. This is one of those games that you keep playing to go a little further each time.

YouTube stories

YouTube Stories

Google has started rolling out ‘YouTube Stories’, a new bar that was shown at the top of the app home screen. If you use Instagram or Facebook, you probably have a good idea of what you can expect from the bar. Here you can find short videos of your favorite YouTube vloggers and channels. These videos automatically disappear after 24 hours, just like Instagram Stories.

There are still some limitations with respect to Instagram Stories and regular YouTube videos. So you can not leave comments and there are far fewer stickers and filters than in other apps. Moreover, only very popular YouTube channels can post their own Stories at the moment. Unless you have several thousand followers, you will not have access to the feature for now.

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