When is the PlayStation 5 release date? What will it cost and why isn’t it out already? You hear these questions buzzing all over the gaming scene. Unfortunately, nobody has concrete information. However, we do have some information from Kenichiro Yoshida. This is the boss of Sony. He told that he felt the intense desire for next-generation hardware, in order to stay competitive. 

This confirms that the new PlayStation 5 is coming, and it might be coming fast.

PlayStation 5 release date predictions

But how fast exactly? Industry analyst Michael Pachter predicts that the Sony PlayStation 5 has a 75% chance of releasing in 2020. With only one month left in 2018, it isn’t very likely that it will be released in 2018. The chances of the Sony PS5 releasing in 2019 are 25% according to Michael. In addition to that prediction, there are many major PlayStation 4 games (like Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima) that seem to be released in 2019. This also suggests that the chances of the PlayStation 5 releasing out in 2019 are low at best. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier backs up these predictions. He reported that almost all of the conversations he had with developers point to a 2020 release. He mentioned: “There are rumours going around concerning the PlayStation 5 at the company itself and other companies. But the extend in which this happens, doesn’t equal the extend in which it normally happens. When the console is near to the release date.” On the other hand, news shows that sale rates of the PS4 are slowing down. This indicates that Sony maybe wants to proceed faster in introducing PlayStation 5. Releasing earlier will also give it a big advantage in the next-gen battle between PS5 and Xbox Two.


PlayStation 5 price predictions

Now, the question that is in everyone’s head: What is the price of the PS5. Many people are wondering whether the new console will exceed the price of the PS4 when it got launched. For this reason, we have analyzed the passed release prizes of the previous console. The most expensive console ever released were exact $499 and $599. With the PlayStation 3 being the most expensive PlayStation ever, during release time. 

We expect Sony learned from that mistake and will never go that expensive again. The PS4 launched at the reasonable price of $399 and we expect the PS5 will cost around the same, which is another indicator that the release date is a few years from now. However, we are pretty certain that the PlayStation will be more powerfull than the Xbox One X that was lately revealed. At this point such specs would probably make the PS5 way more expensive than $399, but at the end of 2020 8-10TF should be way more affordable and thus doable.

In conclusion: nothing is certain. Most sources point to the PlayStation 5 release in 2020 at a price around $399. But the games industry is always full of surprises.

When do you think the new PlayStation 5 will release?

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