In this article you will read how to successfully complete all challenges from week 4 of season 5 of Fortnite.

The fifth season brings a lot of changes. New locations, a completely new desert in the east-south of the map, a golf cart to drive around, rifts where you can jump to end up somewhere above the map … Fortunately, the challenges are quite recognizable to people who have previously done challenges in Fortnite.

Below we briefly describe how challenges in Fortnite work, especially now that it has changed this season.


How do weekly challenges work in Fortnite?

In a whole Fortnite season, seven challenges appear every week, ten weeks. In total, seventy challenges will be available. You have the complete ten weeks to finish all challenges of each week.

Clearing the challenges will give you stars that – if you have purchased a Battle Pass – will be used again to unlock ‘tiers’. With each unlocked tier you get cosmetic extras, screensavers, XP boosts or other useful stuff. There are a total of 100 tiers to clear, so the more challenges you complete, the faster you are there.

Previously you needed a Battle Pass to do all the challenges, but now there will be three challenges available to everyone on a weekly basis. However, you can only unlock the tiers when you have bought a Battle Pass.

Even if you have achieved all tiers, it still pays off to continue to complete all challenges. After all, this results in extra XP, so that you increase in level faster. You will also receive a reward in the form of a skin if you reach all challenges in seven out of ten weeks.

fortnite-week-4-challenges-season 5

Build structures 250

Not everyone builds up happily in Fortnite: Battle Royale. That’s a shame, because building can give you a big advantage during battles, even if it all works just a bit slower on the console.

This challenge means that you have to build 250 buildings in total. A wall here, a roof there, before you know it, you’re at the 250. If you almost never build, then this challenge might motivate you to try it more often. A world will open up for you.

Of course you can do this all season and you do not have to build 250 objects in a single game.

completing a weekly building challange

Find a flaming hoop and jump through the middle with a shopping cart.

Everywhere in the game world, jumps have been placed since the beginning of the fifth season, and from this week on, burning hoops have been added. You get the challenge in total (not in one game) by jumping five different burning hoops with a shopping cart or a golf buggy.

It goes without saying that this is easier to do in squads when it comes to shopping carts, so that someone can push you forward, but the golf carts do a great job when you’re on your own.

Fortunately, there are more than five sconces with burning hoops, here there are six:

  1. Near to Flush factory you go north towards the mountain and face to the west
  2. West of Lazy Links you will see a hole in the ground in the form of an umbrella. On the spot where the handle of the umbrella would sit, is also a jump.
  3. Between Stunt Mountain (which is full of sconces, but has no burning hoops) and the north of the unnamed indoor football field, there is also a ramp with hoop to be found (see the photo).
  4. In the northwest of Paradise Palms is a bridge over a ravine in the area where the desert passes in the grass. A ramp with a burning hoop can be found south of the bridge.
  5. South of Lazy Links is an ice-cream truck with a ramp.
  6. South of the lower house of Snobby Shores is a ramp with a burning hoop.

It is important to realize that you must use a shopping cart while you go through the middle of the flames, and not flying, as the undersigned tried on the photo below. Incidentally, the burning hoops are very good to see when it is night and you fly far above the island. You can look up a hoop when you jump out of the bus!

burning hoop fortnite

Eliminate Opponents in Dusty Divot

Dusty Divot has become a lot more woody since season 5, but not as popular as before. From this week on it will become a lot busier, because one of the challenges is to kill three enemies in total (not necessarily in one game). May the best win! Do not forget to go to the various buildings immediately upon landing. Here is a lot of loot and there are also a number of treasure boxes. Kill opponents is a lot easier with a fine purple (or even gold) gun.

Eliminate Opponents in Dusty Divot

Search chests in Flush Factory

There are not many reasons to go to Flush Factory, the toilet factory in the south of the map. Until now, because we have to look for seven boxes at the factory. You do not have to collect the loot chests in one game, but in total.

A handy tip: from the air, when you float down with your parasol, you can sometimes see loot chests shine. Even if you are in the area you can already hear them. Please note that there may be a lot of activity; other players also want to achieve this challenge.

Search chests in Flush Factory

Deal damage with Sniper Rifle to opponents

It speaks for itself. Make sure you do 500 points of damage in total, so not in one game, with enemies with a sniper rifle. You do not necessarily have to kill enemies as long as you do 500 points of damage in total. Using sniper rifles is not easy for everyone. Put on the Switch especially the gyro motion controls to aim more precisely. It can also help to play in 50v50 or squads, so you have more time to find a sniper rifle. Incidentally, one of the challenges of the past weeks is eliminating enemies with sniper rifles, so if you have not already done so you can combine these challenges nicely.

Deal damage with Sniper Rifle to opponents

Search between a gas station, soccer pitch, and Stunt Mountain

Every week there is a treasure map that leads you to a location on the map. There you will find a gold emblem that you have to ‘search’ (as you open a box). Do that and you have reached the challenge. The Battle Star that is visible, is located between the gas station west of Loot Lake and the football field that is close to Pleasent park . View the map below for the exact location. West of the gas station and northeast of Stunt Mountain is some grass, with some rocks in the left corner. Here you can find the Battle Star, as you can see in the screenshot below.

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