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Welcome to the PrimePrizes reward system offered on https://primeprizes.com. We have created a unique Reward system that allows everyone across the world to earn Reward Points by completing offers in their spare time. In return, you can select free gift cards of choice and we will send them to your email address.

We know that not everyone has the money to purchase all the premium features that come with video games and other Entertainment platforms like Spotify, Netflix, PlayStation and more. That’s where we come in. The online thing you need is some leftover hours in a day.

Obviously, you could spend your time on things that will get you nothing in return. But, when you spend your time Playing Video Games, Download awesome apps and watching game trailers on PrimePrizes. You will earn yourself Reward Points. As soon as you have collected 2000 Points. You will be able to claim your first $10 gift card. The more points you gather, the higher and better the prizes will get. We provide discounts for users who decide to save up for a bigger prize!

Earn Prizes

Start collecting your Reward Points and receive a Free Gift Card of choice.

It is fun to do

Here, you earn money by watching videos and playing games.

Trusted Reward System

We are your long-term partner to earn awesome prizes online.

Every day we are working hard to improve the user experience. We frequently perform updates and add new offers to make sure that you will never get bored. Our vision is to provide a long-term online platform where everyone can earn awesome prizes. You don’t even have to leave your house. We support mobile devices, computers and tablets with any kind of operating system. This way it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in the car, walking your dog or following lessons at school. There is always a convenient way to stack points for the FGO Reward System.