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A Sony PlayStation Plus subscription, what is that?

by | Jul 23, 2018 | PlayStation | 0 comments

Searching for a fun way to spend your time like playing online on your PlayStation Console. If this is what you want, it is required to connect your account with a valid PlayStation Plus Subscription . In the previous PlayStation console, Sony gave away access to the online network without any license or payment. However, since the introduction of the PlayStation 4, users will have to pay a monthly fee to acquire access. For this reason, there is no way to connect with your friends and buddies in the online world of PlayStation. Without acquiring a monthly subscription. There are multiple ways to get premium PlayStation Plus.

Don’t forget that there is more the PlayStation plus than simply getting access to the multiplayer. Once you activate your subscription you will receive access to all kind of free PlayStation games for PS3, PS4 and even for the Vita. Obviously, there are more things you will get. Think about saving your games in the cloud, this will definitelly help you save soms gigabytes and your console.

PlayStation Plus is available in two kind of subscriptions: a subscription of 90 days and a subscription of 365 days. Both are for sale online as well as ‘just in a local store.’

PlayStation plus


What are the advantages of a Sony PlayStation Plus subscription?

All the advantages of a PlayStation Plus are listed below.

  • Be the first to try out the latest games
  • Back up all your saved games via the cloud storage
  • Enjoy exclusive discounts
  • One membership is sufficient for all systems (PS4, PS3, PSVita)
  • Share & Play with friends
  • PS Plus updates via mail
  • Two free games every month as long as you are a member
  • Play multiplayer games


PlayStation Plus: buy online or in a local store?

When you buy a subscription in a local store the old fashioned way, you can find a scratch card in the package. Scrape it off with a coin to find the PS Plus code that you have to redeem in the PlayStation Store.

Several webshops sell gift card codes online, including PlayStation Plus codes. The advantage is that it goes fast. After purchasing the code you will usually receive the code within a few minutes in your mailbox. After that you can immediately redeem the code in the Playstation store.

PlayStation Plus subscriptions will expire automatically as long as you did not bought extra days. Sony sends you an e-mail as soon as your your subscription is expired.

local gift card store

PlayStation Plus: get it for free!

If you don’t  want to spend money on PS Plus. Or if you did  spend your last money on your Playstation and your first game. In that case there are other ways to get a Playstation Plus subscription.

How do you get a Playstation Plus Subscription for free? That is quite simple and you can read extensively on the linked page. In short, you can earn points by completing simple assignments: such as testing a mobile game. With the earned FGO Reward points you can claim a PS Plus Subscription.

Tip: Never use a PS Plus generator, because it never works!

free playstation plus codes

Buy PS Plus on your PS 4

A subscription can also be bought via your PlayStation 4 itself, in the PlayStation Store. You do not have to mess around with codes at all. Go to PlayStation Plus in the online store in the side menu. In addition to the free games from the Instant Games Collection, you will also find the option ‘Register or renew.’


What is the difference with a PlayStation network voucher?

A PSN card with a network voucher works as a gift card. You have to top up your wallet for an amount that you have to pay for (20, 40, 50, 60, 80 or 100 dollars). With this credit you can download full games, avatars, add-ons, demos, trailers and many more things. A PlayStation Plus subscription is therefore something completely different.

psn gift card voucher

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