The game Fortnite has become quite popular within a short time and has even surpassed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you are eager to also have a good time, it is useful to know some things in advance. With these ten tips and hacks it should be all right.

10. Use headphones

When you walk around in the Fortnite map, your footsteps area lot louder than with other games, such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Thatmeans that the footsteps of your enemy are clearly audible, but also the otherway around. That is why it is useful to always have your headphones on, so youcan hear better if people are coming at you and from which direction. This wayyou can quickly plan an escape or attack.

use fortnite headphone

 9. Do not land in popular areas

Before you landed on the ground, you float up in a airballoon bus. Make sure you avoid familiar and popular areas and try to go forsome quieter areas to land. These popular areas are loved by seasoned players,beacause they eat noobs for lunch. So if you do not want to be immediatelyriddled with bullets, you choose a quieter spot and you can always try to sneakinto that busy area afterwards.

popular areas fortnite

8. Search for weapons and ammunition immediately

After you are dropped, immediately start looking for weaponsand ammunition. Break away from everything around you to find useful items tosurvive. Without weapons you are as good as doomed. Ideally, you want tocollect different kinds of weapons, so that you are prepared for differentscenarios.

search for weapons

7. Popular buildings

Weapons and other supplies appear in buildings and differentstructures. The bad thing is that they appear more often in densely populatedareas, where you have a greater chance of being shot over. Consider carefullywhether you want to take the risk to be seized. If you dare to do it, you canreplenish your arsenal, but with the risk of encountering people. From anotherpoint of view, you can immediately deal with everyone who hinders your path.

building fortnite

6. Blue glow

Pay close attention to a blue glow on the ground. If you see that, it means that a crate of goodies will soon be dropped. Stay close to claiming the loot yourself or hide somewhere and use it as a trap to eliminate other players.

5. Open doors

One of the uses in so-called Battle Royale games is closingthe door behind you when you enter a building. If you do that, it seems as ifno one has entered and you could surprise people who come in after you. On theother hand, you can also open the door to alert other players or to pretendthat someone has already been there and has taken the loot.

4. Keep building

One of the things that makes Fortnite quite special is that the focus is not only on shooting but also on building. So instead of running away, you can also choose to build a staircase, for example, so that you can escape or shoot back from a tall building.

You can also build to protect yourself from incomingbullets. Do not forget that when someone else is building a large staircase forexample, you can destroy the entire building by aiming at the bottom of thestructure. The rest will then collapse and if someone falls of a decent level,you immediately have a player killed.

keep building

3. Drink right away

If you know how to get a protective drink, it is usually best to drink it right away. You never really know when you will be attacked and you can always use protection in that respect. In addition, the drink takes up space in your inventory, which you can use for more important things.

2. Fortnite colors

In the game, all items have a color, depending on how rare they are. Gray items are not that exciting and are most common. If you find a green or purple item it is already more exciting and gold is of course the best. If you have to choose what you leave in your inventory when there is no place left, you obviously choose the most rare weapons and items. These work better than boring copies. For example, a golden rifle will be more accurate than a gray one and probably equipped with a rifle scope.

1. From where are you shot?

When bullets hit something, they leave marks behind. If you look at the markings, you can find out in this way from which direction you are shot and take adequate measures. Of course, the sound of the footsteps helps, but if a sniper has entrenched itself somewhere, you obviously do not have that much.

Although you can buy the Fortnite game, it is also possibleto play for free. You do not have to pay for the Battle Royale mode. Do youwant all the features of fortnite then for free v bucks, free psn codes or free microsoft gift card.

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