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Join the PrimePrizes Rewards system and start collecting PrimePoints (our reward points) to claim an unlimited amount of free prizes.

At this moment our prize list includes 32 different gift cards!

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How to earn PrimePoints?

Our database includes the following offers to earn reward points:


Video Ads

You can watch trailers and video’s. Think about fun game trailers and cooking videos. Watch and earn!



Did you know that your opinion is worth money? Brands need your opinion to understand their customers.

Offer walls

Play video games, download mobile apps and receive free products in our offer wall. Get PrimePoints for each finished tasks.

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Exchange your PrimePoints for Free Gift Card Codes!

Below you find the most popular prizes available at Login to claim your gift card code.

Most popular: Free V-Bucks, Free Google Play Money and Free Rixty Codes

Free Google Play Codes
Free v-bucks
Free Netflix Codes
free psn codes

PrimePrizes, the process

Collect your first prize on

  1. Let’s get started: press the green button on top
  2. Claim $5 starting bonus: share us on social media to receive your $5 starting coupon (optional)
  3. Create your account: sign up with a valid email address. This where you will receive your digital gift card code.
  4. Automatic login: Once your account is created, you will automatically login. You will land on the PrimePrizes dashboard. This is where your PrimePoints are stored.
  5. Earn PrimePoints: Visit the “Top offers” page or “offer walls” to access our database of offers. Now, start completing offers to collect PrimePoints.
  6. Claim gift card: Navigate to the “claim prizes” page. You will find an overview of all the different prizes you can receive. You can also view the amount of points required.
PrimePrizes dashboard


PrimePrizes was developed by us, two boys from the Netherlands living in the city Groningen.

We developed a platform where people from all over the world get connected with advertising companies.

People love receiving free prizes, while companies love to pay for your effort. We are happy to bring both worlds together in one platform.

We noticed that products and services are getting more expensive. People can’t purchase all the things they desire anymore. That just isn’t fair. 

Because it doesn’t matter whether your a kid or an adult. You should be able to get all the things you desire in live. For this reason, we created the PrimePrizes reward system.

Don’t wait any longer, trade your spare time for free gift cards on PrimePrizes. 

primeprizes list of gift cards

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