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Learn more: how to earn PrimePoints?

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How to get free gift cards?

We know that life is expensive and sometimes you need free gift card codes with no human verification to get the things you want.

For this reason, we developed a system where you can earn great prizes. All of this, simply by doing tasks you’d perform an daily basis anyway. 

Here, you can earn PrimePoints for gift cards the following way:

  1. Download mobile apps
  2. Play video games
  3. Complete surveys & questionnaires
  4. Participate in free giveaways and more.

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Frequently asked questions:

What are PrimePoints?

PrimePoints is the main currency used in the PrimePrizes reward system. 

The points can be converted for $10, $20 and $50 free gift cards.

We will send the digital code to your registered email address. 

How many PrimePoints do I need?

In order to receive a $10 card you will have to earn 2000 PrimePoints. If you want a $20 or $50 card you will need 3800 or 5600 points.

We always support people who use our system on the long-term.

For this reason, the amount of required points reduces as the value of your card increases. 

Where can I view the amount of earned points?

Every time you complete an offer, PrimePoints are automatically added to your account.

You can view the amount of points you have earned in the ‘dashboard’.

This is your own personal dashboard and will become visible when you log in.

How to claim a gift card?

Once you are logged in on your account, visit the ‘claim prizes’  page. Claim the prize you would like to receive.

We offer gift cards from more than 40 popular brands including PlayStation, Xbox, Amazon, Netflix, Steam, Fortnite and many more.

free gift card codes with primeprizes

Are the Gift Cards really free? 

Yes, it is really free! You will never have to pay for one of our prizes. We don’t call them free e gift cards for nothing. Instead of paying money, you are here to make money. But how do we pay you? 

This is done by working closely together with a lot of advertising companies. They love to pay for your time and effort. In fact, they have been paying for our users for months now. 

Each time you complete an offer from our database. One of our advertising partners is paying for your PrimePoints.

This way we are able to provide you with a legit way to make legitimate free gift cards online. The possibilities are endless since our system has no limitations for the amount of points earned.


top paying offers for gift cards

What is the fastest way to earn PrimePoints?

Is it your goal to get that free e gift card as fast as possible? In this case, it is recommended to start with specific paid offers.

We recommend you to download mobile apps first, because they will benefit you the most. You can easily pull of multiple downloads in a few minutes.

In fact, most of the apps will only require you to download and open the app. It’s such a simple task, for such a high payout.

We also provide apps where you will need to reach a certain level. In this case, it will take you some additional time. However, the payments for such offers are far higher. 

This way you can easily collect points to earn gift cards for free.  Did we mention that we have the highest payouts?


PrimePrizes Reward system

The story behind

The free gifts site: was developed by us, two boys from the Netherlands living in the city Groningen.

We noticed that a lot of children and adults are struggling to pay the bill. It’s not that they don’t want to work. They aren’t making enough money with the work they have.

For this reason, we developed a platform where everyone profits. You will earn great prizes and our advertisers can reach a wide public.

You can easily open up the PrimePrizes Reward System on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. This holds that you can earn money anywhere you are. 

People love receiving free gift codes, while companies love to pay for your effort. We are happy to bring both worlds together in our platform.

Now don’t wait any longer and start your journey with us. At the end of the road, you can get as many free gift cards as you want!

gift card generator substitue

The working substitute for the gift card generator.

If you tried a gift card generator on the internet. You experienced that they aren’t working.

We offer a working substitute for the gift card generator. Because we provide a way to get free gift codes without human verification and no survey requirement.

Obviously, we don’t claim to generate the codes on the fly. In fact, such a thing is simply impossible. Instead, we offer you a valuable system where can trade your time for cards. 

Moreover, we are completely transparent in the PrimePoints you need. The amount of points you will earn per offer, is always visible up front. 

It might take you a little longer. But it is definitely worth it. In us, you will find a long-term partner to earn working legitimate free gift cards.