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PrimePrizes Free Gift Cards

How to get free gift cards in 2019?

1. Join PrimePrizes to earn Prizes

Create an account by signing up with a valid email address. Get access to all our premium offers to earn Prime Points!

3. New account? Earn Bonus Points

You can get up to 800 bonus points with coupons, by sharing us on social media. Get "2000 PrimePoints" to receive a $10 Free Gift Card by mail!

2. Get paid for your time

Our advertising partners will add PrimePoints (Gift Card Money) to your account, each time you complete an offer!

4. Claim over 40 different Gift Cards

Our prizes include but aren't limited to popular brands like PlayStation, Xbox, Netflix, Amazon V-bucks and many more!

Earn Gift Cards by having fun!

We know the feeling, so many products and subscriptions in the world. But not enough money to purchase all the things you want. These problems are over.

Start saving money, by joining forces with us. You will get your own unique dashboard to keep track of your earnings and the available gift card rewards!

Within the PrimePrizes dashboard you are able to:

  • Play video and mobile games
  • Watching game trailers, cooking video’s and other fun movies
  • Completing surveys / questionnaires (no survey is required to get a prize)
  • Downloading mobile apps
  • Subscribing to newsletters

There are no limitations to the number of points you can earn for each type of offer. We recommend to download many mobile apps to get free gift card codes fast!

Don't feel like exchanging your spare time for free money? You can always join the giveaway on our social media account!

Earn Free Gift Card Codes

Convert PrimePoints into Digital Free Gift Card Codes!

Below you will find a small selection of the most claimed codes on our website. The prizes below don’t even cover half of the total amount of prizes you can receive by joining PrimePrizes! Check out more rewards in the navigation menu.

It’s simple, fast and free

Within a matter of seconds, you are able to sign up for an account. You can log in directly and browse through many fun offers to earn Prime reward points.

No human verification

Unlike many other websites, we do not require a verification process. Once you claim your free gift codes, we will send it to your registered email address within one business day.

Compatible with all devices

It doesn’t matter whether you’d like to get free gift cards online on your mobile, computer or tablet. Our reward system is compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and any other operating system.

How Does PrimePrizes Provide Free Gift Codes?

Let's start off with the fact that we always deliver the promised. There are many advertising companies who’d love to pay for your opinion and time. Therefore, We make it possible for you to complete surveys for gift cards. Furthermore, we receive a small fee each time you download/play a mobile game or complete any other offer. PrimePrizes safes up the money in your account to purchase your real free gift cards with a value of $10, $20 or $30. In order to cover our expenses and continuously improve PrimePrizes, we will take a small fee of the money earned. You must have encountered other websites that didn’t work. It is important to realize that PrimePrizes is here to help you out. We are a fair business, that wants to support you in your search for gift card codes.

Stay Away From A Gift Card Generator

We know that many of you have been using gift card generators on the web. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that this kind of online generator doesn’t work. In fact, it is impossible for a company to provide you with a prize without getting any kind of compensation in return. Therefore, we’d recommend you to get gift cards with us, PrimePrizes. Each single reward point you earn will stay on your account for a lifetime. Thus, even if you don’t have enough time to get your first prize today. You can catch up any time in the future to get “2000 PrimePoints” for your free gift voucher. We are aware that some people prefer a reward system with no survey, with us you can choose to do surveys. However, we will never force you to complete them to get your reward.

PrimePrizes Gift Card Prizes

Benefits of joining PrimePrizes

We’d like to take this moment to explain the benefits to join forces with us. Just like you, we have been young and we know that there is always something you want. However, in most cases, your parents aren’t willing to pay and you don’t have enough money. But you are desperate for that gift card to continue playing online on the PlayStation and Xbox, watch movies on Netflix, or get a new subscription for Roblox. When you create an account on PrimePrizes you are able to get more of the things you love. It is definitely possible to receive your first $10 prize on the day you create your account. If you are fast you might even get it up too $20. It is near to impossible to get more within a day. However, you can come back to us any moment that suits you to continue earning.

Our Vision:

“Enabling people to get gift cards for free in a fun way”.

It is our goal to support you in your quest for free gift cards on the long-term. We are aware that PrimePrizes isn’t perfect yet. But we recommend you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. Due to continuous updates and improvements, we will make sure that we will become the most convenient system to earn prizes online. Obviously, you don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity. For this reason, we recommend you to check out our website on a regular basis. The Newsletter will keep you informed and updated on the latest changes we made, to make it more convenient to earn free gift cards!